Cruising: the good, the bad and the boring

I’ve been home for a few days now but I’ve been in bed with a head cold, a throat infection and a weird rash. Now I’m not going to come right out and blame it on ship germs but well, you have to be suspicious. Actually I must say that the ship was very clean and they were all over hygiene. All the eating places had hand sanitiser at the door and the toilets had paper towels to open the doors so you didn’t have to touch the handle then bins to toss them in and they were constantly sweeping up and wiping down. So what I mean is people germs on the ship.

The Good.
I didn’t feel sick at all, in fact I never even felt slightly queasy. I was left thinking that people who do become sea-sick must have some sort of inner ear problem because I just can’t see how people could get as sick as they do.

I didn’t once think that I might die at sea in a ship wreck. Not even when we were in the middle of a massive lightning and thunder-storm in the middle of the night. It was just one of those things that’s so far out of your control that there’s no point worrying about it.

The rooms were a good size – bigger than most motel rooms I’ve been in and it came with a balcony and a good sized bathroom.

The Bad
Just about everything else. The sea is big people and it’s kind of boring, it just goes on and on and on. We went three days before we saw a single thing which ended up being a pod of dolphins and let me tell you it was an exciting moment; you’d of thought people had never seen a dolphin before by the way they were oooing and aaaing over them. Well actually, maybe they hadn’t, who knows where all those passengers came from. Anyway prior to that excitement there was nothing – not a fish or a bird or a turtle or a shark. My nephew told us he saw a shark but I’m pretty sure it was because he missed seeing the dolphins. You missed seeing the dolphins! That’s ok, I saw a shark just before. Says he, nibbling away at his – high tea at sea macarons and cakes.

I can see how/why people love cruising and become addicted to it but it’s just not for me. I felt too confined with too many people – 2600 of them in fact plus the staff. If I could get off the ship every day at a different place I think I could handle it but just being on it day after day would do my head in. I still think one of those river cruises would be nice or one where you flew to Hawaii then went around the islands.

I think you need to like eating a lot to enjoy cruising – you can literally eat for 24 hours a day. A couple walked past me and one said to the other – how many days have we been on this boat and the reply was, I don’t know but we’ve eaten a lot of meals.

They needed more happening throughout the day besides gambling, bingo, 90’s music trivia, a mature age meetup and other such frivolity. They had some good shows on at night and good live music but they needed that happening through the day as well.

We were a group of five adults and two kids and I think it’s good to go with a group as you can always find someone to hang out with if someone else wants to have a lie down or hide for a while. I saw a few party groups on board; a hens party, a 21st party, a 50th party and a wedding anniversary party and I think that could be a fun idea.

But be warned people – drinks are not cheap and according to the information book they put in your room, Australians like to drink. I wish I’d taken that book with me now, they had a list of differences between American and Australian passengers and the number one difference was the amount of alcohol we drink – you pussies. I remember it said that (and I quote) American passengers like to wait until 5pm to start drinking whereas Australians like to start early then keep up a steady pace for the rest of the cruise. LOL. The bar staff must be shaking in their boots waiting for us to arrive. I must say though that they do make excellent cocktails. Terrible coffee though. Apparently (the book told me) they sent the staff to Barista school three times to learn how to satisfy the Australian need for good coffee but I think they need about another two lessons. The other one I remember is lamb – apparently they don’t put lamb on the American cruise menus but we get it and wine is more popular with Australian passengers. Not too popular with me mind you being $13 a glass!!

Don’t worry I didn’t sit around crying all weekend, we had laughs but I can cross it off the list and know that it’s not something I’ll be doing again. Kiss that 18 day cruise to Hawaii goodbye mother. Although now I think about it, my sister (not Emjay) went cruising to Vanuatu and enjoyed it, she said she wouldn’t mind doing another one so there you go, whatever floats your boat.


9 thoughts on “Cruising: the good, the bad and the boring

  1. Those guide books are a lot of fun to read. I have one on my shelf about becoming Canadian, a guide for immigrants. Full of helpful advice like how to tip at restaurants and how often to bathe. I think they are probably right about the Australians, though, and I am thoroughly humbled by it.

    • Australians need a manual on tipping – we don’t have a clue about it. That’s the main thing people worry about when travelling to the USA – how to tip. This cruise ship I went on was based in America but then moved to Australia and they had to stop the tipping as it was freaking us out too much – now it’s just an amount included in the total.

      Bathing I’m pretty good about. Unless of course you’ve been to the ocean that day.

    • Min quite enjoyed hers – she got more involved in the daily activities – not the old people hook ups. She said she’d like to go on another one but the thing that bothers her is the thought of the ship breaking down out in the middle of nowhere for days. She’d be able to save some money now she’s getting plenty of work.

  2. Clearly, I am Australian… for I’d do the all-day drinking too. I had friends who took an annual 3-day Mexican cruise and their bar tab always exceeded the price of the cruise. Pity I never got to go with them.
    Personally, I think the second we were away from land, and I knew I couldn’t get off the boat – I’d start going ape-shit to get off the boat. But I’m so tired all the time that booze + a sun lounger would probably get me through the days.

    • ps: I was surprised to have several moments of sea sickness the last time I took a boat over to Catalina Island (a 30 min ride). I was okay outside but when I went indoors for a drink, I had to stop looking out the windows… they say it’s something about the horizon line. I dunno. I ended up forgoing the booze in order to go back outside.

      • My brother in law – who was with us – went on one last year and it stopped at Melbourne and Hobart and he said it was much better. The one we were on was a Carnival ship – the Spirit. It was based in the US but now it’s here in Sydney and they’re bringing another one here later in the year.

  3. Your cruise review has me laughing over here!
    Glad your room was a good size and that you didn’t get sea sick.

    Back before i started blogging i cruised from boston to bermuda and flew home. I went with one of my friends and her sister in law. That was a drama as the sister in law took off with one of the bartenders!!

    The room was TINY…..tiny and i got so sick I couldn’t wait to get off the boat!

    The boat left Bermuda and i flew home two days later

    no more cruises EVER


    (sorry for the long reply)

    • Lol, thats ok – you can talk for as long as you like. Cruise therapy, just get it all out.

      There seems to no middle ground with cruising – people either live it or hate it. A couple from where we live hated it to much they got to the first port call which was Fiji and got off and bought plane tickets back home!

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