what’s cooking

Just once, it’d be nice if dinner actually looked like the picture in the recipe book.


8 thoughts on “what’s cooking

    • Yes, I know but still. I have to cover the picture with my hand when the kids come looking to see whats for dinner and yell – don’t look at that, it won’t look anything like the picture.

  1. I saw a collection of Pinterest fails, some that were hilarious, such that I think this must be a common problem. I’m just happy if it is edible.

  2. Hey, I’ve fixed some delicious messes before. I once made egg foo young at home, and they looked like burned pancakes with bean sprouts in them. My son tried one however, and he said, “These are good!” With a little too much surprise in his voice. They were good, as long as you didn’t look at them. I buried mine in steamed rice and it was a decent dinner.

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