Daily Prompt: I Did it My Way

Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

Well I’m turning 50 next week so there are about a million things I’d do differently but whats the point of doing that. Do one thing differently and I’d have lived a whole different life and this one hasn’t been so bad.

When I was 18 I was going to do nursing – I’d been accepted and was finishing up all the paperwork. ( Actually I was finishing up the paperwork the night I heard the plane flapping about that went missing and has never been found that the police didn’t believe I heard – maybe they should go back and do that bit differently and they might have found it). Anyway I can’t remember why I didn’t go nursing but if I had of I would have led a whole different life with different friends, husband, kids etc and who knows, it might have been better, might have been worse but there’s no point in even thinking about it. Maybe if I’d gone ahead and done nursing I’d be sitting here now going – damn, I wish I’d moved to Sydney and worked in the sandwich shop my sister was running at the submarine base.

It’s like that movie whatever it was called – you go back and try to change one thing for a better outcome and you just stuff something else up either for yourself or someone else.

You’ve just got to deal with it people – live in the now. You made your choices and they put you where you are – if you made bad ones then just try to learn from them and make better ones from now on.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Did it My Way

  1. I think half the “go back to your past and fix it” movies are like that—“Groundhog Day,” “Peggy Sue Got Married,” “Back to the Future.” Except in “Back to the Future,” the hero actually makes his present better by fixing his parents, something I can’t believe would be so simple, lol. (Not for my parents, anyway.)

    I also wanted to be a nurse, but I discovered some of the more unpleasant girls in my high school class were going to nursing school, so I went into journalism. It certainly changed my life, as my I met my husband at the newspaper where we both worked. I am glad I didn’t further my career in the field, as most newspapers here are barely surviving.

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  6. I would be hesitant to change anything about my past, because the good and the bad made me who I am. I might run the other way the first time I saw my first wife though, instead of meeting her.

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  8. I don’t think I would re-do much except that there are some people that I treated pretty craptastically when I was a younger man. I’d like the chance to treat them more respectfully.

    • Now that’s true. I had one beautiful boyfriend and I treated him dismally when I broke up with him and I did recently think I wish I had of done that differently – but hey, I was 17 and having had two 17 year old daughters myself, well, you’re just so young then.

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