Anyone from Germany???

I give up; I can’t find any information about this picture.

Mind you it says Cologne Germany on it so I guess I can presume that’s where it was taken. Usually I can track down something from a picture and I expected to be able to with this one considering that building has so much sign writing on it but if it exists today I don’t think it looks much like that anymore.

All those stores and brand names didn’t help me at all – and it has infuriated me how that building in the background that looks as if it could be a church or cathedral doesn’t have enough showing to identify it. Actually that needs more investigating.

I can tell you that für jeden geschmack translates to for every taste in regards to Nescafe and I must say it is my preferred brand of instant coffee.


I love the picture so if anyone has been wandering about Cologne lately and this looks familiar can you tell me a bit about it please.

I believe this was taken in 1957 and it always amazes me how soon really that was after the war ended and how quickly everything was back up and running and rebuilt. Because Cologne had a terrible time during the war, the bombing that went on there was phenomenal. I remember when I was listening to the recordings my father made about his life as a child in England during the war – he said that they lived under the flight path of the bombers that used to fly out at night to Germany to drop bombs and I just remember his voice when he said – they had a terrible time over there.


6 thoughts on “Anyone from Germany???

  1. We had a neighbor on Vox who lived in Cologne—I can’t remember her Vox name, but she is on flickr these days. I’ll ask her if she can identify the photo.

    The building with the Nescafe signs looks like a department store. The problem is, I don’t recall there being a department store near the Cologne Cathedral, if that’s the church at the right of the photo. Maybe it’s not there any more, or they’ve re-purposed the building into something else? But that reminds me, I need to label my pictures better so my kids don’t have to do what you’re doing now.

    • This from “Nikki” on Vox (she’s now Zwieselchen on flickr:

      I had to think hard to recognize that building and wondered, if it still existed. But then it clicked. The photographer must have stood with his back to the north portal of the cathedral, with the main station to his right.
      The building in the picture now houses a bank, an exclusive hotel and – a McDonald “restaurant”.
      The bit of a church, you can see in the old picture, is the backside of “St. Mariä Himmelfahrt”, one of the very rare remaining baroque churches in Cologne (it was the second biggest church after the cathedral for a long time).

      All these buildings are around the place in front of the main station’s main entrance. You can see it from a slightly different angle in this picture. The streetcar must have gone a long time ago. As you can see, the place was enlarged and the street has gone.

      I hope this will help Jane. What a beautiful picture her father took!

      • Thanks you so much – and can you please pass on my thanks to Zwieselchen as well.

        I’m glad the old building is still standing although I like it old style better with all that writing over it – there seems to be a Maccas everywhere these days. The church has had a bit of a tidy up as well.

        • I drive past three McDonald’s on my way to karate class, including one that is just up the street from me. I don’t know how I’ve managed to live here for two months without stopping at one of them for french fries and a shake.

    This site has pictures from Köln – and there’s a map thingy so you can look at other pictures nearby. I’d search for the church (kirche) and see if the department store shows up near it.
    St. Andreas has similar windows, but I can’t find an angle where it looks like this.

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