Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Meme

from: BlackPanther

  • Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the first song
    Madonna – Hung Up
  • If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
    At the moment it would be Broome in Western Australia. I’d like to go to      Monkey Mia in WA as well but they’re not anywhere near each other and      travelling to WA is not cheap. It costs the same to fly to Broome as it does to fly to the USA. Also it’s not somewhere you go in summer due to heat, rain and marine stingers in the water. There really aren’t many places in Australia that are great to visit this time of year. Even the southern states are usually having heatwaves and bushfires about now.
  • What is your preferred writing implement? (eg. Blue pen, pencil, green pen)
    Computer keyboard.
  • When did you go on your first trip alone (without your parents)?
    I went to Bali when I was 18 on my own. A friend was going with me but she hurt her back the week before so I just went by myself.  Back then every Australian 18 year old was going to Bali so I figured I’d find someone to talk to.
  • Do you have connections to any celebrities (even minor)? List them.
    Not even one – definitely not a list of them.
  • Name 3 items you could pick up from where you are.
    Well I’m sitting in my office which is always a mess so I could pick up about a thousand things – mostly bits of paper that need filing.
  • How would you describe your sense of humor?
    Sick and twisted, sarcastic, Australian.
  • Do you ever play board games or other non-computer games? Got any favorites?
    We played scrabble on board on New Years Eve and I almost died of boredom. It sucked the will to live out of me and I had to go to bed immediately following the games conclusion. We always play it on our phones now and it’s pretty cool because you can play everyone in the family no matter where they are and take as long as you like.
  • A musical artist you love that isn’t well known.
    Oh, I don’t know there are a few Australian muso’s not that well known overseas but I’d say my sons girlfriend is the one I love. Last year she played Roxie in Chicago and we went to see it and honestly when she opened her mouth and started singing I almost cried.I was just so proud of her – she was really, really good.
  • A musical artist you love that is well known.
    I don’t think I love any – I like a lot but I’m not over the top about one in particular. I was keen on David Bowie when I was younger, when I left home I only had half a dozen records and they were all his.
  • What is your desktop background currently?
    Chicken Little
  • Last person you talked to, and through what you talked to them
    Chicken Little – I talked to her through my mouth, lol, if thats what it means. We didn’t do sign language or anything. It’s only 7.30am here so she’s the only one I’ve seen so far.
  • What do you carry your money in?
    A handbag my sister Emjay gave me last year. It’s like a handbag that has a zippered section that is a wallet, so you don’t need to carry a wallet. If I don’t want to carry anything I stick a few notes in my bra. Don’t worry I wrap them in a tissue so they don’t get sweaty. People don’t seem to like you paying them with damp dollars pulled from your bra.
  • What timekeeping devices are in the room you are currently in?
    The little clock on the corner of the computer
  • What kind of headphones do  you use?
    The ones that came with the phone. Theyre not very comfortable actually.
  • What musical artists have you seen perform live?
    Well not many because I don’t like being in a crowd. Back in my day, all the good Australian bands just played at local Pubs so you could go out on a friday night and see them without it being a concert. My husband has seen a lot of bands because he always had to take the girls and their friends to see bands they wanted to see when they were younger. He hasn’t been to many with me because when we first started going out I made him come with me to see Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and it went for about three days and I think Daz even had a few naps and it kind of put him off.
  • How often do you clear your browser history?
    Hardly ever
  • What’s the best job you’ve ever had?
    None really, I’m one of those people who just work for the pay packet. When I was pregnant with my third child I was working night shift reception at a local Motel (10pm to 7am) and they used to have wedding receptions there and after everyone had gone I was allowed to go into the cool room and eat whatever I wanted from the leftovers which was one of the best job perks I’ve had. Not good for the scales though – I put on 23 kilos that time.
  • What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
    My first job. I worked for a local accountant as soon as I finished school and he was a dirty old bastard and now I’d have him up for harassment but back then I don’t think it was even an option or talked about. His wife worked there as well and she hated me because he was so obvious about it all and he was old and ugly and as if I’d ever want anything to do with him. There was another old bag working there as well – like at least 70 – and the wife and the old bag ganged up  against me and were just mean and nasty and between the three of them they really fucked up that year for me. I just walked out one day.
  • What magazines do you read, if any?
    What a waste of money magazines are. I borrow cooking magazines from the library sometimes. I like cooking magazines – they always have beautiful pictures on the covers. Beautiful pictures of things that I’ll never cook.


2 thoughts on “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Meme

    • We’ve got some of the most beautiful places in the world here so I figure why sit on a plane for 20 hours when I could get somewhere nice in 5. Although even 5 hours seems a lot to me.

      Oh she comes here all the time anyway – she’ll be here next month actually.

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