Ask Me meme

Ask Me Meme

from “Just keep swimming.” Dorothy, Finding Nemo

1:What was the last argument you had about?
The quickest way to get back home from the homemakers centre – yesterday. My husband is a fan of what I call the long short cut, he thinks he has all these tricky shortcuts worked out but he doesn’t. I’m the one driving around this place all the time – I know the shortcuts
2:How long is your longest relationship?
well besides my mother and siblings and two school friends it’s my husband – 25 years this year – half my life. I don’t think it’s wise to celebrate your 50th birthday and you 25th wedding anniversary in the same year – it just makes you realise how much of your life has passed.
3:What is something not many people know about you?
I don’t mind a bit of tapestry. It’s a winter thing.
5:Do you believe in fate/destiny?
I don’t know, not really. Although I do think it’s interesting how you’ll often see that someone has died who once survived some other accident/tragedy. Sort of as if they were meant to go the first time and once you’re number is called, well you may as well hand over the ticket.
6:Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to live?
Anywhere across the road from the beach.
7:Has there ever been a song that made you cry?
Lots. Lol, remember that movie Spirit – about the horse? I took the kids to see that at the movies when they were small and there was one song in there that just about had me sobbing. There was this little girl sitting next to me and she was really upset as well – I felt as if I should hold her hand or something but I thought her father might think I was weird.
8:Do you jump/scare easily?
No, I’m pretty chill. Although if I’m asleep or reading and Chicken Little goes off her guts barking about something – that does give me a start.
9:Which birthday has been your favorite?
The older I get the less I care about my birthday. I used to love them all. I think I loved my 6th birthday the most because my teacher came and I was in love with her – Miss Brady was her name.
10:Have you ever been pulled over? Arrested?
Never – my record is spotless. Not even a speeding ticket or a parking fine.
11:Have you ever been to a fortune-teller?
Yes I went with a friend of mine once. Nothing she told me has eventuated.
12:What’s your favorite series of books?
Well I was a big fan of the Heidi books but the Faraway Tree trilogy would be my favourite as a child and probably The Dark Tower as a big girl; I was sorry to see that end.
13:Who is someone who you think knows the most about you outside of family?
My husband – although I suppose he’s family. One of my friends and I became friends at the age of 15 when I moved to a new school. We’ve been through a hell of a lot over the past 35 years. Marriage, kids, deaths, moves etc so I’d have to say her. Although I’m quite reserved about sharing my deepest darkest feelings, I don’t feel the need to disclose everything that’s going on.
14:What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?
Gee I don’t know, nothing much I don’t think. Are brains weird?
15:List one of your quirks.
I make up individual songs to sing to our animals – and sing them to them frequently. The last Cat we had, Carl, used to love it when I sang the – Special, special, special boy of love song to him and Chicken Little always seems pretty happy to hear the – Good Morning, good morning, how are you today song.
16:State 1 bad habit of yours.
I don’t eat fruit – I don’t think it’s a habit but it’s probably bad.
17:Has a scary movie ever given you nightmares?
Yes – The night of the Grizzly, which I watched when I was about 5 when Dad was asleep in his chair. It ruined my life, I haven’t slept since.
18:When was the last time you got your hair done in a salon?
Ages – at least six months. I decided to stop colouring it back then and I have to say that things are starting to get ugly now, I’m all sorts of crazy colours from snow white to black with all the years of colour and bleach in between. I think it’ll be ok when it’s all grown out though and if not, well I don’t care at the moment. I’ve been cutting it myself and I don’t know why I bothered paying a hairdresser to do it for so many years. My daughter cuts an inch off the back every month or so and then I layer it up.
19:What was the last thing you did with your friends?
That friend of mine from school I was talking about, well we went into town and had a long, long lunch that ended with dinner and covered two pubs, a bar and a Thai restaurant.
20:What’s something that you like to do that others might see as weird?
Nothing that I can think of –I’m pretty boring really. Sing to animals maybe? Or I can spend hours and hours lying in bed reading – days probably. See that friend of mine would think that’s weird because she’s one of those people who always have to be working and doing things, she can’t just sit and do nothing whereas doing nothing is one of my favourite pastimes.
21:What was the last trip you took?
It was a road trip to Surfers Paradise stopping at a few places along the way, it was just a couple of months ago. The weather was magic.


6 thoughts on “Ask Me meme

    • Lol, we got him from a shopping centre at Carlingford one new years day. My defences were down and my daughter talked me into it but boy I loved that cat.

    • I didn’t think it was weird either but not long ago someone said to me – I bet you’re one of those people who talks to their cats and dogs when no one’s around. WTF – I talk to them all the time – I said, whats the point of having them. I’m here, they’re here, it’s not like I’m going to ignore them.

  1. Ha! My boyfriend and I work in the same town and we regularly argue about which shortcut / way is the fastest. We’ve timed it, mine was shorter but he still won’t admit to it. He claims the country road means it’s slower! :0

    How funny about what you said to Gom – if you see that person again, tell them there was a survey and they found 100 (yes, 100) percent of animal owners reported that they speak to their pets. 😉 I sing to my cat as well. Mostly Christmas songs. Sad, huh?

    • My husband thinks he knows better than my GPS whish is annoying as well. It’ll say – turn left here and he’ll go, no, there’s a shorter way than that – and I know it isn’t. I just want to smash his head in sometimes!

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