Usually in the week leading up to Australia Day I’m ashamed to look at my Facebook feed because it’s full of people ranting in a really racist way and the amount of likes some of these statements receive is kind of depressing.

But I saw this posted on someones feed this morning that gave me a bit of a laugh. My daughter could hardly contatin her excitement the other day when she saw McDonalds had brought back the Aussie Burger which has beetroot on it. Oh and the fly thing happened to me just a couple of weeks ago,


I don’t usually go out on Australia Day because it seems to have become a day when a lot of drunk idiots roam the streets causing trouble – my son used to work at Subway when he was at school and he said it was the worst day to be working, especially at about 8pm. But I’m braving it this morning and I figure I’ll be home after lunch before any mayhem begins; I’ll just get involved in the family stuff – but without the family.


8 thoughts on “Australia

  1. I’m guessing the beetroot is pickled, and you slice it thin and lay it on your burger patty like lettuce or tomato slices? I’ve never heard of Aussie Burgers, but I can guess they probably taste good. (I say this as an American who saw a hamburger made with two glazed donuts for buns. It sounded tasty in a terribly gross, junky way, like deep fried Snicker bars.)

    • Yes, tinned beetroot slices, we eat a lot of beetroot over here I think. I remember someone once telling me that the best sandwich you can have is chicken, beetroot and cheese and it is really good. I always have that if I can’t decide what to have. Although smoked salmon, beetroot and dijon mustard is good as well – Jamie Oliver told me that on on TV years ago.

      My son came back from America and told us about all kinds of weird things he’d eaten – deep fried twinkies and deep fried oreos were a couple of them and chocolate coated bacon which sounds all kinds of wrong but he said was surprisingly ok.

  2. That sounds delish. Although I think you guys have tales of the heat like Mainers have tales of the cold! Isn’t it sad though, I think most Western nations also have “so and so Celebration Day” which turns into nothing except a day for people to become drunk and obnoxious.

    • It’s anywhere thats a long way away but you’re not really sure where or how to explain where it is. It’d be dusty and hot. If someone asks you where a place is you’d just say – it’s way out the back of Woop Woop and they’d nod and understand.

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