Burrendong Dam

I’ve been trying to do the daily prompt daily but sometimes they’re just too crap or too serious or too personal or too American.

So seeing as how it’s Australia Day here tomorrow I’ll share with you this photo of my mother (on the left) and her sister that was taken at Burrendong Dam which is near Wellington in NSW – sort of central NSW. This was taken in the early fifties and it was just a normal sort of dam but in the sixties they turned it into a massive hydro water storage setup and it holds three times as much water as Sydney Harbour. They use it for irrigation and general water supply to the surrounding areas.

Mum tells me that they were travelling to South Australia for the tennis, I think it was the Davis Cup and I think we went there as a family once. Plus I just discovered that the word Burrendong is an aboriginal word (Wiradjuri people) for Koala.

Anyway it’s a beautiful shot, them in their frocks and all the blue and the gum trees and the dry earth with the mountain ranges in the background. It just screams Australia to me and I can just about hear the cicadas when I look at it (or maybe they’re just the ones in my head).



4 thoughts on “Burrendong Dam

    • Such a feeling of nostalgia comes with it. It’s stinking hot out there and I’m sure there wasn’t a breeze but I can imagine their dresses just lifting gently in this non existent breeze.

    • Yes, hers were kind of cut off but no socks, that’s just the frame. You can imagine they were dressed to travel then Papa making them go and stand there. It’s a wonder he didn’t find a wheat crop for them to stand in.

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