feeling the heat

I used to love summer; I couldn’t get enough of it. If someone told me when I was 20 that when I was 50 I’d like winter better I would have scoffed at the suggestion.

But winters are getting milder here and summers are definitely getting hotter every year. Just last week Adelaide was the hottest city on the planet; that just seems like crazy talk and the poor tennis players at the Australian Open were running around for hours in Melbourne in 50 degree heat (celsius).

7.30am here as I write this and it’s already stifling and clammy. Well I’m clammy, the atmosphere is stifling.

The best place to be on a hot summers day is in at the harbour where it can be 10 degrees cooler than it is here at home and only a 10 minute drive away. Or an 8 minute bus trip if you plan on whiling away the afternoon at a bar that serves cold wine and a good view.

That’s what I did on Friday afternoon with a good friend of mine. I love our old working harbour, you can sit there for hours watching the comings and goings. I’ve turned into one of those weird old people who enjoy going in and watching the coal ships come in. You always know when one’s coming or going because a helicopter goes up first and takes the pilot out and he’s lowered onto the ship then soon after you see the little tugs heading out; they always look so happy about their job.

School holidays end here soon and I’ll be able to head back to the pool. I usually try to avoid it when it’s swarming with kids.





12 thoughts on “feeling the heat

  1. I’ve come to prefer winters as well, even if I’m not thrilled by ice and snow. You can always dress against the cold, but heat is inescapable if you’re not in an air-conditioned building. On a humid summer day however, you could strip down to your skivvies or wear nothing at all and still be hot and sweaty. (And sunburned. I’ve never had sunburn on the butt, but I imagine that would be really painful.) I suppose the fall can’t come soon enough for you. Be careful in the sun!

    • No, definitely wouldn’t want ice and snow but the winters have become so mild over here they’re really quite nice. I haven’t had to buy a big thick coat for years as it’d never get any wear.

      I stay well away from the sun these days. So much sun cancer here in Australia but also I’ve seen some terrible sun damaged middle aged women and they just look terrible – one I saw the other day you really could have made boots out of her skin it was so tough looking.

    • Probably – it’s where I live so it’s the backdrop for a lot of photos I think. Especially the lighthouse, it’s always in the background if I’m along the harbour or the first strip of beach.

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