Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

What does “happiness” look like to you?


A couple of months ago we put a few loads of soil around the garden and Chicken Little thought it was one of the best days she’d ever had. There’s a pigs ear out there somewhere – maturing.

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. I’ll have to look at more of these daily prompts; I miss the QotDs and I liked this post. Happy – I describe myself as a pig in the mud when I’m in the garden or otherwise have an excuse to root around in the mud, LOL.

    • Oh yeah – it ain’t pretty when one of those suckers comes out of the ground after a few weeks. The first time I saw her eating one I was like – what the hell is that then when I got closer I was like – oh that is just sick and wrong Chicken.

  2. It looks like the dog is having fun! My dog used to stash his treats around the house, and if he didn’t like his dinner, he’d make sure I saw him retreiving his treats.

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