My sister-in-law asked me on Christmas Day if I had made any resolutions for the new year and I said

yes – to colour in more

I heard her ask my husband the same question and he said

yes – to drink more milkshakes

We both seem to have set achievable goals.


11 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. off topic: I may have sent a card to you or I may not. I honestly can’t remember. I know I brought it, and your address, to work – but no memory after that. So if you get one, drop me a note so I can verify the extent of my senility. thx.

  2. Spending an entire year collecting coloring books! What a darling library you will have by next December!

    Usually I include among my list of resolutions: ‘don’t behave like such an idiot’. It’s success can be measured by the fact that I seem to include it in each year’s list.

    • Well, I didn’t say I was good at colouring in so it might only look darling from the outside. Not many colouring in options out there for the grown up.

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