for the girl who wants nothing

My kids hate having to buy me presents because I never want anything. I tell them I don’t want any things or any more stuff and they groan and walk away and have to actually think about what to get me instead of just lumping me with some useless stuff I don’t want.

So when my oldest daughter came home with pink and blue cardboard and told me to stay inย your room because she was making my christmas present I couldn’t imagine what it could be that wasn’t going to be useless stuff.

Turns out it was the perfect gift although I think she’s already regretting the – no questions asked – part of the deal. I’ve got about 50 tickets which should last me about a year I reckon. I was going to try and slip a few back into the box but she makes me hand them over then rips them in half.



10 thoughts on “for the girl who wants nothing

  1. What a nice gift. My mum always says she doesn’t want anything either but I usually just get her more useless crap because I can’t give her nothing. Or I make her come up with something, anything which she might like and I get that before anyone else in the family has a chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. No foot massage included? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think it’s a great idea. I still have chore coupons from my kids that they made when they were in elementary school. I should see if they’re still any good!

    • Ha – she said she thought about putting a few neck massages in there. But didn’t!

      Years ago my other daughter had a sort of voucher book – like a cheque book that had little things in it like clean your room or cook dinner etc but I don’t think she ever got all the way through it.

    • One of my goals in old age is to be able to cut and paint my own nails but I guess a break will be ok as long as I keep up my stretching!

      She is a beautician and she gets sick of the older ladies coming in who have gnarly old nails because they can’t reach them anymore to look after them. The other day she had some nail clippings stuck in her bun, lol, gross. She said they were so tough they were flying all over the place. So I’m lucky she’s still willing to deal with mine.

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