tis the season

So that was Christmas then.

I’ve already packed away the tree and decorations. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Christmas; it’s just that every year my side of the family all meet at Mums on the first Sunday of December for lunch and I consider that to be my Christmas day. Then I have a lunch with my old friends during the next week and a lunch with my new friends the week after so by the time the 25th rolls around I’m kind of over it. Anyway I hate how everyone puts the focus on that one day – as if Christmas is just that one meal.

It was extra special at Mums this year as we have two new babies! Yes, the children of the original siblings have started breeding. Two of my nephews and their wives have had babies and they were so cute when they saw each other for the first time.

Here they are with my Mum who is now a mother of four, grandmother of eleven and great-grandmother of two.


Here I am with my girls – pity they’re so ugly though.


It’s really weird sometimes to look at photos of your kids and realise that you actually grew them – crazy shit.


I think Emjays daughter would like a little baby, here she is with her nephew and my daughter. Aww they’re so cute when you can hand them back.


It’s amazing how quickly the kids have all grown. It’s not a table of kids anymore but a table of adults – with babies! One little blondie niece in there amongst all the dark heads.


Ok, well bring on the new year I guess.


26 thoughts on “tis the season

    • Everyone seems to put so much emphasis on the one day and I always think that it must be depressing for people who don’t have family or friends with them on that day – it should be more about the whole season.

  1. I’m glad you had such a good time at your mother’s place this year. I know Christmas is hackneyed, but I still wish it could last the entire year. People are nicer to each other in December than at any other time of the year. Have you noticed that?

        • Haha – no thanks. I’ve been watching the news – all that snow in Dallas and other areas! I’ve never even seen snow, it hardly even gets cold enough for a jacket where I live so even though I complain about the heat I think I’d be too soft for the really cold weather. I don’t know how people even manage to leave the house.

          • Yeah, I don’t live in Dallas. I live in Washington. I’m used to things getting this cold. It’s been so cold lately that there’s been hoar frost on the car areal and I still went out in my sweater. So, I agree, let’s not trade. 🙂

  2. Wait – I read your comment over at Leeeeenda’s. Does that mean your son left the country for Christmas (since he’s not in the pics)?

    Yeah, too bad your daughters are so homely. And making me feel like a dirty old man …

    • Lol.

      Yes, he had christmas in New York. They left here mid November and they get back next week. Started in LA then hired a car and travelled around a bit – Napa Valley for thanksgiving, San Fran,Vegas, New orleans, Bahamas, Miami, it’s flown by.

  3. Great G-Ma looks pretty young to have some many great-grandkids. Is everyone popping out babies in their teens?!?
    Yeah… it’s sad how the women in your family are so horribly ugly. However do you manage? (I’d kill for 1/10th of everyone’s looks!)
    Glad your holidays worked out well. As for focusing on a DAY, I go for NYE – though I don’t even do anything for that. I must not have your address (which is weird because I should have noted it from Traveling Tiles) because I know I didn’t send a NY card to AU. If you have a chance, please msg it to me via my contact link.

    • Lol – she’s 80. The two new dads are 29 and 28 so they seem like babies to me but I suppose thats pretty average breeding age.

      I hate NYE! it’s way past my bedtime for one thing and you just wake up the next day to the same old thing anyway. Plus this year I’ll wake up and be 50 that year which I’m not happy about at all!

      • I’m in my 50th year. It hasn’t been as bad as I anticipated – but it did cement the “end it around 80” idea.
        I don’t go out on NYE – too many amateur drunks on the road. It just seems more logical to “celebrate” a day that’s actually a specific day.

        • Lots of drunk idiots around here as well, usually violent to go with it, imposible to get a taxi as well. We sort of gave up going out on NYE when we had kids, you could never get a baby sitter and they charge an arm for it if you can.

          • taxis barely even exist around here and are super expensive. with most events 20 to 40 miles from my house, driving is really the only viable option. pass.

            best NYE I ever had was in San Fran at a big gay event. I ended up with a magnum of champagne & helping bartenders pour drinks at midnight. I had a blast!

          • The other day it was over 100 degrees here so I caught a taxi to lunch where I would usually have walked (it’s about a 30 minute walk) and because I’d booked it that was $2.50 already on the meter and then just getting in it adds another $3.00 so it’s already $5.50 before we’ve even moved. Taxis in Hong Kong are the best – millions of them around, they go fast and the most we ever paid was a few dollars.

  4. Mum really enjoyed Christmas this year didn’t she – it was nice for her. Yes, the princess can’t wait to start having babies. The blonde has been bred out except for that one arm of the family – though Min’s are still fair.

  5. It is very nice when you can hold a baby for an hour or two, then hand him/her back to the parents when s/he starts to cry or fills up the diaper. My younger daughter is quite enamored of her nephew, but I’m betting she’ll be relieved to go home and live the life of a busy young professional with no spouse or children to hold her down!

    And yes, your ugly daughters—if only I was half as ugly as them, lol. I do love your Christmas t-shirt, by the way. 😀

    • Ha, yeah I love this shirt, think I’m going to get another one with a different mug shot.

      Babies are so cute but when I see one I have no idea how I ever tolerated having them myself. They’re so time consuming and demanding!

  6. Your family looks to happy. What a gorgeous family – all of you! Do you have a tradition of Christmas songs about summer weather, like we have snow-focused songs in the northern hemisphere?

    • No we don’t. It’s ridiculous really how we have the same winter themed christmas things. Even christmas cards and wrapping paper usually involve snow or snow men – the last few years have seen a few more summery themes but they’re usually just silly joke type stuff.

    • Lol, yeah my kids will be making you feel old soon. She’s 22 this year – photo doesn’t do her justice because she’s just gorgeous. I know everyone thinks their kids are gorgeous but she really is – maybe it’s because she’s sweet natured as well.

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