Christmas conundrum

What does it say about you as a person and a neighbor if you don’t attend the Christmas street party.

Who ever thought these bloody things were a good idea anyway. I don’t mind being neighbourly but I don’t want to be sociable.

It’s very windy here and I’m hoping for rain.


15 thoughts on “Christmas conundrum

  1. Hide! Pull all the curtains shut, keep the lights dimmed, and if you can park your car inside of a garage, do so.

    We used to live on a street where they threw block parties, called so because they would get wooden blockades and place them at the entry to our street so no one could escape. (Actually, it was supposed to be a party for everyone on the block of our street. Attendance was optional but you were shunned if you didn’t attend.) My husband, older daughter and I attended the first one after we moved into our home, but we swore that would be the last. The party felt like a high school dance where the cool kids stood in one corner, laughing at each other’s stories, and the rest of us milled around, not sure what was expected of us. Avoiding the party meant taking elaborate steps, however. We either had to schedule an out of town trip that day, or do what I suggested above: shut up the house and pretend we weren’t at home. It wasn’t the main reason why we eventually moved, but it was a relief once we were out of there.

    • Lolol – it’s ridiculous isn’t it. Last year we went out for dinner even though we didn’t want to just so we had an excuse. This year I just said stuff it, I’m not going and I don’t care what they think. One guy over the road doesn’t even look at me when I drive past and now I’m meant to go and have a bloody conversation with him! Think not.

  2. Maybe Christmas parties are a southern hemisphere thing?
    My neighborhood has a yearly block thing going in August, when it is relatively warm here.
    (Being Berkeley, it is often cold and foggy.)
    But this is a sufficiently unconnected, mix of apartments and houses, sort of place that no one is going to care whether we show or not.
    Mostly we don’t, though I think we went to a couple, maybe.
    There was the year that the creepy guy from around the corner really, really wanted to talk to me about how paranoid I was about Sair’s safety, considering the possibility of stranger abduction – this was right after the Polly Kaas murder.
    He really wanted to talk about it.
    A lot.
    I just pointed out that we had a whole-house alarm system that called the cops automatically, and I think I said something about having a gun.
    (I don’t, but it’s not a bad rumor to start, and the guy was really quite, did I say it, creepy.)

    • Lol, I haven’t had enough to do with these people to know how creepy they and I don’t think I ever want to know!

      Lots of streets here have street christmas parties, I always dread them – I don’t have anything to talk to these people about.

  3. The one time our neighbours hosted the street we didn’t attend because we didn’t find the invitation at the bottom of the mail box until afterwards! I wouldn’t have wanted to go either. There is always the stomach bug or the head ache!

    • Well luckily, with it being a christmas party, I say I have another function that I’m already attending. My husband goes though, he doesn’t want to be shunned for the rest of the year.

    • I don’t think my neighbours even know who I am! They only know me when I’m in the street – if they see me at the shops or the library they don’t have a clue it’s me – I only exist in the street.

  4. I’m not entirely sure what it “says” about you, strictly speaking. I try not to judge people based on, did they come to this or that function or not. I would wonder, though, if (A) you were sick or (b) you were just feeling antisocial that time, and, assuming I went myself, I would bring you some Christmas cheer you didn’t have to share with the entire neighbourhood. There’s nothing that says you have to go to this silly parties. If they think that makes you antisocial, invite them to come to a block party when you feel more disposed to attend, or else just let them think you’re anti-social.

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