Daily Prompt: Close Call

Tell us about a bullet you’re glad you dodged — when something awful almost happened, but didn’t.

Well, we were having this christmas party with a few friends and we’d cooked this huge ham on the BBQ and I was standing there with a platter to put it on and I was just holding it with one hand because I had something in my other hand and I was just sort of handing over the platter but my husband thumped the ham down on the platter and the weight of it was enormous and the platter started tilting way down but I used the super human strength of my tiny wrist and fingers and all my will power and possibly a large amount of pissed off vibes and managed to hold it up.

So it was good it didn’t end up on the grass because everyone was outside and I couldn’t have pretended it didn’t happen and with all that glaze it might have been hard anyway because all bits of grass would have stuck to it and I’m pretty sure Betty would have made a dash for it as well.

Bullet dodged for my husband as well.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Close Call

  1. My mother would have said, “You can always wash the ham!” lol. She was a waste-not-want-not type, to the point she tried to get the kids to eat moldy cheese and spoiled fruit. But your husband ought to be grateful for your strength and hand-eye coordination, otherwise there would have been hell to pay, I suspect.

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  6. Well … and here I thought you were almost going to fall into the fire.

    “Something” in your other hand? “Something” that made you unsteady on your feet to begin with? lol “Something” that if you gave enough of it to the guests they’d not have noticed the grass on the ham, and probably would have asked for the recipe?

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