the things you say

I’ve got better things to do than sit here and watch a cat shit

I said to my husband last night.

Seriously – 25 years of marriage and this is what it comes to.

It wasn’t even our cat.

afl nights


7 thoughts on “the things you say

    • Oh it’s not my actual anniversary – I just meant 25 years in general. April is our anniversary – when you’ve been with someone this long you have some weird conversations for sure.

  1. Thank goodness you DO have something better to do! I hope?

    There have been a few times I’ve had nothing better to do than watch a cat pee — but that’s after he’s been to the vet for not being able to, or when I’m trying to see if he needs to go. But that’s my cat and our money.

    • Lol, too funny, you’d hope so – maybe we should have been placing bets on him or something. My next line was – well who owns the dirty bastard anyway and Daz said – You do!! – because he thought I was talking about Chicken Little for some reason.

      We had one of those cats once that couldn’t pee – he used to try to in the bathtub and I felt that I was constantly standing about taking note of the result. He was a stray we took in and we called him Marnie and at one stage the vet was talking what we basically considered a sex change operation for him so the uretha could be shortened and we thought we’d have to call him Manuela instead. Poor little bugger, he just produced this sort of paste – it seemed to sort itself out after a while. I think we had to start feeding him some sort of extravagantly priced food.

      • Our boy had that surgery. It helped some. He’s smooth as can be back there. He’d already been fixed but now he’s got nowt. Hasn’t noticed. He eats overpriced food too, if we cheap out he’s back to the vet.

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