Over the weekend we had the heaviest rainfall during a 24 hour period in November ever recorded. (We have one of the oldest weather stations in the country here so over 100 years anyway.)

Sunday night it just flogged down all night and we even had to drag the gas heater out again for the night. When I went to bed my 25 litre garden bucket was empty and in the morning it was full. Back to spring today though.

waterOh you can see a little hairy grub there on the left near the bucket. This time every year they invade our place – they’re in the trees across the road at the park I think – even Chicken Little won’t touch them and she eats anything.


8 thoughts on “Rain

    • I don’t think you can trust it yet. I hung out my washing yesterday because it was all blue skies but when I went to get them off they were all wet again and had to go through the dryer. Looks a bit cloudy here today – but not windy and cold at least – Sunday was terrible here.

  1. We got our first rainfall of the season, though it’s just a little spritzing, hardly enough to get the ground wet. So send your cascade of rain up here! California has been in a drought this year, and there’s concern we might not get enough precipitation to fill the reservoirs this winter.

    • Yes, we’ve been in drought as well and the farmers really could have done with more. More but over a longer period – all this did was flood a few roads and suburbs because it coincided with a king tide.

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