I don’t care that they have it, I was just wondering why it was, that so many celebrities have so much cellulite; it’s running rampant out there.

Yesterday I was looking at some of those awful pictures magazines publish about what stars really look like without airbrushing and photoshopping and make up artists and good lighting (pretty ordinary as it turns out) and they all had a lot of cellulite and I was wondering if it’s because they spend so many years dieting and doing extreme/stupid fad diets and it messes things up. Now I know every woman has cellulite and it’s a fact of life we just have to suck up but I go to the beach a lot and walk a lot and see a lot of non-celebrities out and about in shorts and swimmers and I’ve never seen anything like I saw in those photos.

I wondered the same thing about nutritionists. I’ve seen more than a few nutritionists who look down right unhealthy; old, tired, washed out and I wonder if that’s because they think about their diets too much. A lot of them look like they need a good feed from someone like Maggie Beer – now there’s a good-looking healthy woman.

You can see I didn’t have much to wonder about yesterday.


6 thoughts on “dimples

  1. And of course I had to Google Maggie Beer. And of course the picture popped up with a Christmas pudding which I am now going to make and some sort of chocolate biscuit malt ice cream recipe. Bring on the cellulite!

  2. There’s an assumption that everyone looks good being thin: but the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who said “You can never be too thin or too rich,” looked like a hag by the time she died. Older women IMO should have a little fat on them to give them some curves. The skinny ones just look hard and skeleton-like. Plus they seldom ever smile, as if doing so would break their faces. It can’t be fun, living off of lettuce and water flavored with lemon juice.

    • Definitely need not only a layer of fat but you need to put a big muscle under the skin as well to plump it out a bit. Especially on the arms – I’m trying to avoid those skinny saggy arms.

  3. It may also be true that some of those photos were made to make them look worse than they actually do, for shock value.

    But, you’re right – all the worrying about diet and nutrition and looks and all of that … and you die in a plane/car crash at 45 anyway …

    • Maybe – I’m sure they run a sharpen filter over them so we can see every lump and bump. There’s a saying I often think of (as I’m sitting down to some unhealthy meal). Saviour the moment, remember all those women on the titanic who waved away the dessert tray.

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