the what’s what meme

Stolen from impy. Wow, it’s long.

What’s on your bed right now?
Chicken Little of course. The morning sun hits the spot beautifully.

What’s your favourite word or phrase?
Anyone would think it was – Turn the tv down! or Don’t slam the door!

What’s the best ice cream flavor?
Don’t do ice cream. I don’t like dairy much and anyway it hurts this sensitive spot on my tooth. I come from a family of furious tooth brushers and I’ve worn the enamel from a couple of spots.

Did you wake up smiling this morning?
I can assure you that I never wake up smiling. I don’t sleep well enough to be happy when I get up and of course by mid afternoon I’m tired and cranky because I didn’t sleep well enough so there’s a small window of opportunity for me to be nice to people from about 11am – 1pm. (Although sometimes if I open my eyes and see Chicken Little lying under her blanket just looking at me wagging her tail that makes me smile).

Is there something in your life you used to have, and now miss?
Aww, my Dad.

What major company would you like to work for?
None! That would require being surrounded by too many people for one thing. I hate even dealing with big companies because no one in them seems to know what anyone else is doing and if the person you’ve been dealing with happens to be away that week then forget about anyone else being even slightly useful. When you run a small business then one person knows everything.

What time do you wake up on a typical morning?
Well, I usually wake up at about 1am then again at 3am. Then I usually read until about 5am when I think – shit I’d better try to get some sleep so I sleep until 7am when people get up and go to work then I drag my arse out at about 8am.

What holiday makes you sad?
None – I don’t have a problem with holidays.

Where does a good night’s sleep rank on your priorities?
Oh wow (see above) – I’d kill for one solid nights sleep. I want to just go to sleep at 10.30pm then not wake again until 7am. It’d be a dream come true. Sometimes I wake through the night and think  – wow, that was a good sleep, I bet it’s nearly morning time and I look at the clock and it’s 1am and I go – nooooooooo, because there are so many hours to go until morning time. I’ve never been a sleeper – my mother took me to the doctor when I was about five years old because I couldn’t sleep and he told her I was having psychedelic dreams (well it was the 60’s).

One song that makes you cry?
None – although when I watched that movie Spirit years ago about the horse – there was a moment in that during a song that brought a tear to my eye but I don’t sit around now and listen to it and weep.

How old was your mom when she had you?
31 years old. I was the youngest of four and four years behind the closest sibling. Mum had three in four years so I guess she needed a four-year rest before she had me. And no – I wasn’t a mistake (even though the charming Emjay once told me so when I was little) because I found a baby card to Mum and Dad that said – Little Jane at last!

When is the last time you went to the beach?
On the weekend. It’s only 10 minutes drive away so I usually go a few times a week, even in winter I go for walks along the beach paths.

What is the most random object around you?
Boring me – nothing that I can see.

What is your favorite sushi?
Oh I love sushi, any kind of vegetable or salmon or tuna will do thanks. If I’m making it at home I usually make prawn, cucumber and avocado. Hmm, might make some for lunch.

What food do you find disgusting?
Mushrooms – ewwwww. I blame it on The Great Sickness that swept through our family a few years ago wiping us all out with a violent tummy bug. The last meal I had before I was struck down was eggs with mushrooms and now I can’t even look at them without feeling a slight tummy rumble.

If you could have any type of dog in the world, what would it be?
None! I’m really looking forward to the time I don’t have a dog actually. I’m almost 50 and I’ve never not had a dog and I’ve loved them all enormously but they’re such a big responsibility, I think they’re more of a responsibility than your kids really. At least when you go on holidays you can take your kids with you – with pets you have to find someone to look after them or board them then you worry about them the whole time you’re away (well I do) and I worry about someone leaving the front door open and them escaping and getting run over and last week Chicken Little had an ear infection and I didn’t go to the Melbourne Cup party because I thought maybe she had a tick and wouldn’t it be awful if she dropped dead and I was out getting drunk somewhere. So I’d really like a few years where I just didn’t have all the responsibility but then I’ll probably miss having someone always hanging around my feet and get another one anyway.

What was the last meal that you made for yourself?
I made this really good avocado sauce – just an avocado blended with garlic, greek yoghurt, lime juice and a bit of water and had it with a baked potato and some veg.

Is the hard drive on your computer full or getting close to being full?
It’s about to explode it’s so full.

Are there any songs that you prefer the acoustic version over the regular version?
Not really – but I do like a good acoustic version of anything. On Triple J Friday mornings they have a segment called Like a Version and singers come in and sing an acoustic version of someone elses song and most of them are fantastic. Also if you asked my children what the soundtrack to their childhood was they’d all say – Nirvana Unplugged – I flogged that and it’s still the cd I pick when I’m not sure what I want to listen to.





8 thoughts on “the what’s what meme

  1. Good choice on the sushi! I really don’t like some of the fancy rolls I see at restaurants, where they pile on huge amounts of eel, avocado, salmon roe, herring roe, crab, chili sauce, etc. I’ve looked at some and thought, ‘That’s not sushi, that’s a rice and fish sandwich,’ lol.

    I miss having a little dog, but you are right. We used to bring our pomerpoo everywhere with us after we left him at a kennel for one month and he almost starved to death because he wouldn’t eat while we were gone. But someone always had to be looking after the dog while we ate out, meaning we would take shifts and three of us would eat while someone (usually me) walked the dog and pretended we were interested in the only tree in the parking lot, lol. If we were traveling, we had to find a hotel that allowed dogs, and we couldn’t leave him in the room alone, so again, one person (me) was assigned to be the dog sitter while the kids had fun. When he died, I was absolutely bereft—it was like losing a child—but the next time I went on a vacation, I realized how free it felt, not having to worry about what the dog was doing.

    • lol – or mayonnaise, that’s always a bit wrong on sushi.

      I guess some people don’t care as much as us but I spend a lot of time worrying about our pets. Chicken Little isn’t even mine but she has this attachment to me now and she gets really depressed when I leave the house so I feel bad when I do. When I went to Hong Kong for 7 days my daughter would send me a photo of Chicken every day, curled on my pillow loooking as if she was about ready to neck herself.

      Another thing is when they die – it’s too awful and I think it gets worse as I get older – I don’t think I can go through any more.

  2. I love that you did this! I have to agree with the dog part, too…I’m absolutely crazy about GG but he’s such a needy, whiney pain in the ass.

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