Bodo Norway 1957

This is my favourite photo for the moment. I love everything about it; the clothes (especially the ladies in their white coats), the car being unpacked, the general hustle and bustle and the dog! I love that dog. I think he belongs to the little boy and has been told to sit and wait and he’s just sitting there and waiting amongst all the bustle. I also love the fact that the cafe there – Lovolds Kafeteria is still operating because often when I go looking for a shop or cafe in one of the photos I find a franchise store there instead which is always a bit sad.


So this is the ferry terminal at Bodo in Norway and I’d say Nan and Papa were heading to the Lofoten Islands from here. They got around that’s for sure.

Bodø, located just north of the Arctic Circle, is the largest urban area in Nordland county, and the second-largest in North Norway. Oh gosh, I just had a look at the weather report and it’s 2 degrees celsius there today and if you’re going  – The town is known for its powerful winds, so it would be wise to bring a wind jacket.

Løvolds Kaféteria, Tollbugata 9, is one of the most traditional diners in Bodø. Serving traditional Norwegian food, as well as a very limited selection of norwegianized international food, this is considered an institution among many of the inhabitants, but mostly elders and people in the harbour scenery. Situated close to the harbour, in a fisherman’s warehouse, the view from the inner part of the café is great. Good for lunch as well as dinner. One of the cheaper restaurants in town


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