learning new things

Shaking my head in wonder here.

I never knew such a thing existed as pro thigh gap groups. Yes, there’s more than one, apparently they’re prolific on FB and IG and they like to shame women who have a thigh gap that isn’t big enough i.e. healthy sized women.

I don’t imagine I’ll be eligible to join any time soon, I don’t know if I even have one.

How did the world ever become so shallow.

I’m going to have to go for a long walk to get over my disappointment about this because I can’t even see a funny side to it yet.


27 thoughts on “learning new things

  1. it is really sad. And the thing is, you can make the illusion of having one if you stand the ‘right’ way so besides the fact that most women don’t have them anyway, a lot of the women in photographs don’t have them either due to that illusion or photoshop. I also saw a gif set of a guy who was saying “‘ewwwwwwwww! she doesn’t have a thigh gap!’…SAID NO MAN EVER!!”

    • lol – I saw one like that but it said ‘ewwwwwwwww! she doesn’t have a thigh gap!’ and it was a big, ugly, pimply guy saying it.

      I’ve done some (very brief) research and it seems you need wide hips for it to happen which counts me out – I’ve got boy hips and oh yeah, I bet some of them photoshop the hell out of themselves.

      • I had a laugh when I cropped my last workout photo, to hide the big saggy thigh skin part, and was left with thigh gap due to the pose. I’m one of those people who will never have natural thigh gap. I’m also one of those people who doesn’t care!

        • I only care about my thighs (and I just mean thighs in general, gap or no gap) when I see my mothers. Then I usually feel like crying then running off and doing about a million squats.

  2. I had to google the term. I had no idea what a “thigh gap” was, or if it even existed.

    The irony is, I’ve been thinking lately I’m too thin. One of the young women in my karate class, a black belt, is gorgeous and muscular. There’s nary a thin part of her body, and she can knock any of the men in our class on their butts. I have no idea if her thighs touch or not. I’m too busy watching her spin kicks and kobudo (weapon) technique.

    • Lol – box gap, that’s funny. It appears that this gap they speak of now starts right from the actual box – when I was at school the ideal was to have two gaps (or maybe it was even 3) a small one right at the top like a little heart then they met then a longer gap to just above the knee.

        • Nothing’s new anymore is it? I only ever remember discussing this in Year 12 in sewing classes and I don’t think the size of the gaps was important just that you had them. We didn’t lose sleep over it though. I don’t think it was an issue for my daughters (21 and 25). I never heard them or their friends discuss it. In fact most of them were netball or touch footy players and most of them had quite healthy solid thighs. Hopefully this is just a phase that will go away soon, I feel sorry for our poor model always having to defend herself for being a plus size (even though she’s only a 12) and now having these little sticks having a go at her.

          • The worse thing is the obsession with body hair removal. Imagine having a life of brazillian waxes to look forward to? (Never had one myself but I hear they are de rigeur for women under 30 – both painful and creepy!).

          • Lol, I’d never have one! I wear boyleg swimmers or board shorts so I don’t have to bother with any sort of box maintenance (as my friends husband calls it). But yeah my daughter and my niece both even shave their arms – wtf!

          • I suppose if you have very dark and heavy arm hair it might possibly be worth it (though the upkeep must be maddening, and daily), and obviously the Empress’ chum thinks so. But us blonder, more northern-European folk shouldn’t have to and didn’t used to.

            Am so glad I’m old and thus avoided the Brazilian. “Box maintenence” indeed! There’s no way you’re getting hot wax near all my tender bits and then ripping. I keep it trimmed down (not in some weird topiary fashion either) and keep it covered in longer shorts like Jane does. And if some still shows, well, don’t look at it if you find it so offensive. Luckily the husband’s manly appetites were set in the 70’s when women were allowed to have hair down there, and let’s face it, at our age, he’s glad to get it no matter what it looks like. 😉

          • Lol

            Yes, times have changed haven’t they – even guys are waxing the zone now – I have no idea if they call it a braziliian though.

  3. I think the only time I’ve had a “thigh gap” was when I was severely underweight due to a food absorption disorder. I did not look sexy, I looked as though I was very ill. Funny that.

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