the week in books

I really enjoyed these two books. They are the first two of the Timothy Wilde trilogy. Set in New York in 1845, the Irish are streaming in due to the potato famine and everyone hates them and the police force is just up and running and everyone hates them as well and it’s cold and everyone is starving and freezing. In the second one the Civil War is not too far away and it deals with the subject of slave catchers as well as the political corruption that was going on at the time.

It may come as shock to some but when I was at school we didn’t study American history so I like reading this sort of thing. It was interesting to read about New York, I thought she really set the scene; the language, the streets, the people, it was good.



I didn’t give it 5 stars on Goodreads because that comes with the word rating of Amazing! which is something I never say. I don’t think I’ve ever said to someone – you should read this book – it was Amazing! (although when I say it in my head I say Amaaaazing!). When I was in Thailand I went to this weird theme park and I was sitting in this show and these ninja trapeze artists fell from the ceiling and did these tricks on rings and ropes – now that was kind of amazing but I will say I highly recommend these books, which doesn’t of course mean that you’ll like them anyway.

2 thoughts on “the week in books

  1. They sound good. I hated history in school, but I like it now.
    There’s a picture I saw a long time ago, it’s a lone cabin and a wagon with a horse, and grass to the horizon. It’s Manhattan a long time ago.

    • I loved history but we did Modern History that covered the two world wars and a bit of Ancient Rome. I like reading books set in London in the early 1800’s as well – it seems to have been such a hard time to have lived.

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