sleepless in spring

So last night I dreamt that some people were injecting me with a sedative so they could take me away and kill me. The only thing that saved me was Chicken Little who (in real life) was on the end of my bed and howled in her sleep and woke me up scaring the crap out of me.

She does this little Hound of the Baskervilles thing where she’s sound asleep but then puts her head up to the sky and does a long howl. She does it when she hears an ambulance or police siren in her sleep, must think it’s the pack calling her.

Anyway this whole sleeping thing is becoming exhausting.

In other news yesterday they arrested an 11-year-old boy who started that fire that was near me. So that gives you hope for the future of mankind doesn’t it.

I had my first swim of spring on Sunday; it was a beautiful day. I could’ve had it any time over the past month really as the weatherman told me last night that by the end of October we would have had 20 days over 30 degrees here (which is ridiculous) but most of them have been incredibly windy and not pleasant beach going days at all.

I don’t usually go to this beach but I was walking past and it looked nice. This is Bar Beach and it’s over the other side of the hill from where I usually hang but I’ve extended my walking route to 6.3kms so I go to it before I turn around and come back over the hill. It does get busy here but a lot of the people you see here are there involved with Nippers which is an activities programme run by the Surf Life Saving Clubs of NSW on Sunday mornings. All the beaches are packed with kids doing sporty water/beach things so I usually go to the ocean baths then instead.


I might go for a swim today before the wind picks up again tomorrow – I need something to clear my fuddled sleep deprived brain.


14 thoughts on “sleepless in spring

  1. My brother’s dog also howls every time a siren goes off in the neighborhood. It’s kind of creepy, especially late at night when the lights are all out and I’m just falling asleep. Dad just throws a shoe at her, which gives things a comic touch. Sort of. (I’m always waiting for the next scene, when the zombies suddenly reach out and grab the dog, then Dad.)

    What are you reading before bedtime? Maybe you should stay away from crime stories and murder mysteries.

  2. I never made it into the water this summer. I suck.
    Your dream thing reminded me that I have a recurrent nightmare about losing control of a car while driving. But on Fri or Sat I kept regaining control of the car and just barely avoiding crashes. Then, yesterday, the news shows this trunk in.. Korea?… driving almost exactly like my dream. It freaked me out!

    • No dogs allowed on the beaches. There is a special beach for them – more sheltered but I’d never get in the water there. A couple of weeks ago a small whale was stranded on the beach there and people were pushing it back into the water and all the dogs were swimming about trying to sniff it, it was all very exciting for them. Chicken doesn’t like water though, she just dips her toes and she hates all dogs anyway so we stay away from there.

  3. Your dreams are similar to my dreams. I always dreamed my boss called me and cheerily told me I was to be executed.

    It’s nice to read about spring when I’m starting to read about sleet and snow up north.

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