I woke up early Thursday morning smelling smoke but once I’d decided the house wasn’t burning down I went back to sleep and dreamt that a group of people were boiling a pig’s head and then eating slices of the cooked flesh.

I went into my daughter’s room and said – can you smell smoke and she mumbled – yeah, it’s kind of like smoked baconfunny you should mention that said I.

Turns out that Thursday was the day NSW was on fire. It was a terribly hot and windy day and considering it’s the second month of spring you have to wonder what summer will be like.

I went for my morning walk and you could see a bit of smoke coming in around town


But by late afternoon it was really thick – they closed the airport in the end and Kimba said that driving home from work visibility was low on the roads.


This fire was burning about 15 minutes drive away from us and it’s all been in bush so no property lost but it’s ripped through over 5000 hectares so far and still burning so a lot of injured wildlife out there. We could really do with some rain but there doesn’t appear to be any on the radar.

Closer to Sydney has been catastrophic with 190 homes lost in that fire and another 100 damaged, frightening really and very sad.

You know they arrested two young girls aged 12 and 13 on Friday who were caught trying to light a fire in bushland in Sydney and another couple from where I live were chased out in bush after seen starting a fire. It’s something I’ll never understand, the mindset of a pyromaniac.


15 thoughts on “burning

  1. That blood red sun was really freaky. Everyone was taking photos of it and I just stood for a while, memerised. I feel so sad for people who have lost their homes. I think that people who deliberately light fires should have all of their most treasured possessions gathered up and then they should be made to watch them burn so they know what it feels like.

  2. I wonder why the fire smelled of bacon or burning pork. Here, when we get a wildfire in the surrounding hills, it smells like burning tires or asphalt. I was told it’s because people throw so much junk in the fields any fire in the area turns into a massive trash pit burning.

    I feel bad for all the animals that have been hurt by the fire. Maybe the people who started the one around Sydney ought to be forced to view the animals rescued from the fire.

  3. A few years ago when we were in a massive drought (we still are … but it’s “not as bad”) there was a spate of wildfires that they found were being started by a volunteer fireman. It’s a “hero complex” thing, where he gets to be a hero because he knows where the fire is before everyone else does. Strange.

  4. Just heard about all the AU fires today. Stay safe. And I hope you get TONS of rain IMMEDIATELY.
    It’s fire season here too… weird that they’re happening at the same time.

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