Surfers Paradise

Last stop was Surfers; funny name for the place considering I didn’t see a single surfer while I was there.

What you do see is a lot of blue water and white sand, just mile after mile of uninterrupted nature – well besides all the tourists. It’s a coastal town of high rises and we were on the 27th floor with a good view over the beach.


It’s beautiful but a bit boring really. Where I live there’s always something to look at on the horizon; ships, surfers, dolphins, whales sometimes, ferries, tug boats, hang gliders, kite surfers, here there was just a lot of water.

I figured the balcony we had was probably the sort you see those poor drunk people falling from every summer when they were trying to climb from one to the next.


Trouble with having a whole lot of tall buildings lining the beach is that come 3pm the whole area is covered in shade, which I guess is ok in the middle of summer.


Big difference in room rates up there so if you plan on visiting – ring around. I walked into one place and asked how much for a room and was told $325 PER NIGHT so I walked acorss the road and said how much and he said $110 and I said – why whats wrong with it?

Nothing as it turned out although I did have to wake up in the mornings looking at this wall art which was always kind of surprising.


and I had to be able to perform the limbo when I wanted to shower – as you can see it was designed for the very short as I fall into the short category and it was hitting my shoulders.


The promenade there is lovely though, wide and clean with plenty of places over the road to sit and have a few bevvies and watch the world go by.



Before going for a walk along the beach.





Have to hand the weather award to Queensland, it was spectacular and the sand was very, very clean. Even driving an hour or so back into NSW to Byron you really notice a difference in the weather.




13 thoughts on “Surfers Paradise

    • I’m sure that water was pretty cool as well! Too cool for me yet even though the day was glorious and warm that water temp has to get a bit higher before I get in.

  1. The art in that hotel room is hideous. lol! I’d almost want to pay the extra $200 so I wouldn’t have to look at it.

    The promenade is nice, I agree. I guess the rooms are strictly for sleeping and keeping your stuff in, and the hotel’s owners expect you to spend most of your time on the beach.

    • I don’t know – anyway I’ve no idea where they’d fit. During summer there are thousands of swimmers here, they’d have to mark off a section for anyone on boards.

  2. I would have used a sheet to cover that hideous thing on the wall. I’ve done stuff like that before – covered things with sheets, extra towels … used the hangers with clips on them to hold the drapes closed … etc. Housekeeping must really wonder about the people who stayed in the room when they clean it after I leave.

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