Hello Yamba

I hadn’t been to Yamba before so we stopped on our way up to Surfers. There are so many little coastal towns along the Pacific Highway and I’m sure they’re all worth a look but I’d definitely add Yamba to my highly recommended list. It’s a small place but it had a really nice vibe to it and it had a comfortable bed and hot coffee which helps.

It’s another town that is surrounded by the river and the sea and it’s a river that you can use, we have a river here but you sort of see it when you’re driving into town but then it disappears off somewhere and you never see it again.

We stayed in a cabin in the caravan park in town that’s right on the river.


You can sit on your verandah and watch the river life go by


Or walk along the path


to the breakwall where the river meets the sea


Not sure how many beaches they have but this one has the lighthouse and there were a few people swimming even though the water must have been freezing. (Don’t let that blue sky deceive you).



Back on the river near Pelican Perch


there is a restaurant called Gorman’s that’s well worth a visit. Nice ambience, friendly wait staff and according to my husband, great oysters. He always eats oysters when we go out as they’re not something I’d bother to prepare at home. Here he had a mixed plate of 21.



So if you’re driving up or down the highway and need a break, stop in and check out Yamba.


9 thoughts on “Hello Yamba

    • Because it’s big and amazing and powerful and beautiful and invigorating and blue.

      Unless you’re talking about the water in your bathtub or kitchen sink or kettle and in that case I have no idea – except that you’re probably a weirdo.

  1. I’m loving the look of that restaurant!

    I need to get up to the NSW coast one day – everyone I know raves about it. It’s a little too far for a weekend visit though, and when holidays roll around I have other places to go. I’m seriously hanging out for retirement.

    • So am I – it’s my goal at the moment – how to reach it ASAP with enough money to see me through.

      Well when you do get there forget about the main player like Byron Bay (it sucks now) Coffs and Port and head to Yamba and South West Rocks and Dorrigo – very nice spots around there. Hire an RV and cruise about.

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