Hair affairs

When I cracked the shits a few months ago and decided I wasn’t going to colour my hair anymore, I also decided I wasn’t going to pay to get it cut anymore either.

My hair is a couple of inches past my shoulders, it’s thick and coarse, it’s curly at the back but not really at the front and I have a huge cowlick on my right temple and I’ve never found a hairdresser who really knew what to do with it. They tend to want to layer it or thin it but that just makes it crazy and frizzy, when what it needs is a lot of weight to hold it down.

So I armed myself with a new pair of scissors and put in a purchase request at the library for the Hairdressing for Dummies book. Unfortunately they tell me it is out of print so I’m going to have to wing it.

Yesterday I said to my daughter – come on, let’s go outside and you can cut my hair. (The plan is to just keep cutting a couple of centimetres off it each month until all the bleach is out – and yes, it’s going to get ugly for a while).

So I’m standing out there and she’s snip snip snipping away and every so often she’d say – hang on there’s a longer bit here and snip, she’d show me a fairly large chunk of hair in her hands and I said – I don’t think you know what you’re doing and she said – Obviously – because I’m not a hairdresser.

Looks good to me though, my hair is so thick that you can’t even notice a few crazy snips. Well I can’t anyway – I never look at the back of my head.


25 thoughts on “Hair affairs

  1. ‘cracked the shits’ is a new one for me!
    I cut my own hair for years (got some compliments on it too, somehow, unless they were being facetious or passive aggressive or whatever) and I finally decided about 10 years ago, well I guess a little less, that I was going to suck it up and pay for a good haircut, my hair is thick and now with the gray it’s coarse too, and I’ve been told it’s pretty difficult and I have cowlicks too but I am very pleased with my current stylist who I have been going to for a while now. It has to be at least 8 years now.
    anyway, happy haircutting!

    • Haha – well now you can say it whenever someone has a tantrum or hissy fit about something. I think when the regrowth gets way down I might go and get it cut but if I go now they’ll just tell me that I need some foils or I don’t really want to grow it out or whatever – hairdressers always seem to think they know what you want better than you do yourself.

  2. I get mine cut off in the summer every one or two years by whoever I can find moderately cheap (not the super-cheap ones), and that is my sum total of hair maintenance. No styling, no coloring — and my crazy cowlicks don’t show any more.

  3. I’m with you on this – I love cutting my own hair. But I usually just do the front. My stylist has strokes of genius but she’s inconsistent. And I’d never invite her to just cut. I have photos of models or of my own hair when it’s looked especially good – then I give her the photo. Most stylists say they appreciate this as it gives them a much more clear picture of what the client wants.

    • I had one hairdresser who was really good with a picture but most of them not so much. Sometimes I’ve wondered if they were looking at a different picture and another one used to sigh and say – Janey, you don’t really want me to do that to your hair. I had to leave her in the end because we fought every time I went there. I found another one I quite liked but she left to have a baby and when she was talking to the girl taking over she said in regards to my hair – don’t be afraid of the thinning scissors and boy she wasn’t – took about a year for my hair to recover from that one.

      • Agh! Isn’t that the worst? My regular stylist has long hair so as the stereotype goes, she would never cut my hair “too short”. The one time I tried another stylist I emphasized I wanted my hair all the same length front and back. She proceeded to **shave the back of my head**. It was months before I didn’t look like some lunatic punk rocker.

  4. I cancelled my oct 20 hair appt due to be crazy-broke. but it’s starting to sound like my hair stylist won’t be flying back here anymore. she apparently had major anxiety and blew off her Sept appts, which is why is was fine with cancelling my oct appt. but she hasn’t rescheduled for Nov. I don’t blame her – I wouldn’t want to fly a couple thousand miles every month just for some extra cash – not when she has plenty of business at her new home.

    but now what do I do for decent hair? I’ve tried it myself, i’ve tried going cheap, i’ve tried seeing her coworkers – all have been disappointments.

    • Sucks when a good one goes off the radar. I had one I liked, not sure if she was good but at least she gave me what I asked for but she left when she had kids and now I’ve moved away and I wouldn’t bother driving back. There have been very few times that I’ve walked out of a hairdressing salon feeling happy about what happened in there but I hate the whole experience. I hate the sitting and waiting and chatting and I hate paying a fortune for something I never enjoy and am rarely happy with.

  5. Bargain! I have a Korean friend whose hair always excellent (short, funky style). She told me she does it herself. Must be a Korean thing. My hairdresser is Korean and is about the only person I have trusted with my hair for years (even though I have to put up with his diva ways).

    • Asian people always have the cool hairstyles. A friend of mine who used to own a salon said that they have a lot of hair that has a lot of texture. I remember her telling me about cutting the hair of a Japanese baby and she said she couldn’t believe how much hair he had, it just kept on coming.

  6. Back in the olden golden hippie days, I had long hair, so I vaguely remember what you mean when it’s “growing back” and “in between”
    Then I bought some hair trimmers, and I cut off all I could. That hair trimmer paid for itself on the first use. It cost about $25, less than one haircut.
    Now I use a razor, every day.
    But I think you should just let it go for a while, you’ll find your natural, Cave Woman perfect hair style!
    (This would have been a good post for some photos)

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