Walk this way

While we were road tripping we stopped in at the Dorrigo National Park to check it out and it’s such a beautiful place. If you’re ever driving around that area it’s definitely worth a look, not just the park but the whole area. I could imagine myself retiring there, living on the plateau growing veggies and watching the river. Of course it will only happen in my imagination because in winter I bet it gets pretty crisp and damp there under the huge mountains.

You can walk out to the end of the skywalk

skywalk Dorrigo

and look at the mountains (if you’re into that sort of thing). It’s sort of weird leaning over the edge up there – I think it’s 70 metres, I almost lost my glasses looking over.


We were sort of stalking this old couple, they were doddling about with cameras and binoculars and once they got on the path in front of us we didn’t like to push past them.



They took one of the longer tracks but we took a short one because as usual we weren’t prepared and we’d just set off without even a bottle of water.


Anyway once we saw this sign my city boy husband didn’t want to linger too long anyway.


There was another sign as well talking about some sort of python that comes out at night so he was just about sprinting by the time we got back to the fork in the path where we found this setup that the oldies had put there so they knew which way to get back. I said we should point it the other direction – it’s not like they could have become lost or anything, it’s just a loop. But they were old so I didn’t.


There were lots of trees obviously, as you’d expect in a National Park, some standing, some fallen, some massive – I said to Daz – go over and stand near that so you can see how big it is and he said – no way, I’m not going off the path.




It’s a beautiful area though, highly recommended – pack a picnic lunch and have a walk about. The drive up Waterfall Way is pretty interesting as well, apparently it’s Australia’s third most scenic tourist drive. It’s narrow and really winds up that mountain, some of it is single lane but it’s all sealed road. Stop in at Bellingen as well, very pretty area.



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