Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Not important at all sums it up. I don’t have a style, or maybe I just don’t have any style. I tend to buy a pair of pants and a few tshirts and then wear them until they’re wrecked then replace then. Besides that I have a funeral outfit and a wedding outfit and a childrens awards presentation outfit. And about fifty singlets, because I don’t feel secure unless I have a singlet on at all times, sometimes two.

I like to have t shirts or tops that no one else has so I have to buy a lot online – I don’t like much that I see in the shops, it all seems like cheaply made rubbish that all looks the same. No doubt I’ll be one of those middle aged women people snicker at and consider inappropriately dressed but I’ve never cared what people thought of me so I can’t imagine I’ll start anytime soon. In fact I seem to becoming more rebellious as I age which is quite exciting because I wasn’t what you’d call conservative in the first place.

I bought a t shirt a few weeks ago that I liked so I went home to research the brand on  line to see if I could buy more and I discovered it was marketed at the 16 to 24 age group. Oops. I said to my friend I think I just officially became mutton. Do people say that anywhere besides Australia?

Mutton dressed as lamb from Urban Dictionary

Middle aged women dressing/acting/pretending like they’re much younger than they actually are.
Often abbreviated to “mutton”.
“So how was last night?” “Terrible, the place full of mutton.” “Mutton?”
“Mutton dressed as lamb.”

37 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

  1. Mutton dressed as lamb is a compliment in Kath and Kim!
    My personal style varies. When I have somewhere nice to go or sometimes if I just want to look nice, I wear pretty dresses. If I am just going to the shops or something like that I wear jeans or shorts (only when it’s warm!) with a top or t-shirt. In Winter I wear boots a lot with jeans or other long pants or with stockings or leggings if I am wearing a dress or long top. I shop all over and I am not particularly concerned with brands but my favourite shops are probably Glassons or Sportsgirl.

    • I like the idea of pretty dresses but once I get in one I feel uncomfortable most of the time. I’m not very ladylike so I’m always worried about sitting with my legs together or getting out of cars. I really need to wear a pair of bike pants under them.

  2. The dress code at my work, a special ed school for children with behavioral issues, is casual (no blue jeans or tee shirts with beer/cigarette/otherwise questionable designs or slogans and no dangly earrings or necklaces. The jewelry restrictions are for the safety of the staff). Usually I dress on the conservative side, but I try to add a little creativity to my outfits with fun earring studs, colorful tights or interesting shoes. Some of the crazy printed dresses I bought for this job (one had beetles all over it) I never ended up wearing because as I came to find out, they would unsettle the kids. My Swedish fish earrings totally derailed them!

  3. Oops, meant to add that my personal style has been described as a cross between closet Goth and the lost member of the B-52’s. And I always wear bike shorts under dresses in the summer!

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  5. I had to look up the word “singlet,” given the context you used it in. The only time I remember seeing the term was in regards to the stretchy one-piece thing that wrestlers wear in high school competitions, lol. But i do wear a white one under my karate gi, since the damn top keeps getting all loose and open after an hour of punching and kicking. It does offer a little security under one’s clothes.

    Re mutton dressed as lamb: has no one in Australia ever heard of cougars?


    • Lol, well yeah sure we’ve heard of them but it’s maybe a bit different. Mutton doesn’t really have anything to do with attracting men, here cougar conjures up the image of a someone dressing or being a way to attract a younger man whereas mutton – oh it’s hard to explain – an Australian thing I suppose. Umm, cougars are kind of fast and sleek and sexy whereas mutton is kind of old and tough and needs stewing to make it nice.

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  8. I find clothes are important to keep me from being arrested when I go outside, and to keep me warm in the winter. Other than that, I don’t much care except I look deathly ill in most shades of green, so I don’t wear green.

    I don’t think I currently have a dress that fits… the last time I wore one was at my mother’s funeral, and I had to buy that one in a hurry.

    • Ah see, here our differences are made apparent – I look quite nice in green.

      Lol, the dress – the last dress I bought was to wear to my fathers funeral and I was kind of in a daze when I bought it but I thought it was quite nice and when we were sitting in the service Emjay leant over and whispered in my ear – you dress is a bit short isn’t it? lol – older sisters, serioulsy.

  9. Clothes don’t maketh me. They usually breaketh me. Comfortable clothes are ugly. Beautiful clothes kill me. I have given up my battle with style, not that I was winning at any time.

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  11. I know that there are men who also try to hide their age by wearing youthful clothes. Do you have a term for them? If so, I would like to know it so I can use it the next time I see someone my age wearing a backwards baseball cap and a tight Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt.

  12. My style is “wear PJs as much as possible. When forced to change into clothing, wear things similar to pjs (loose/stretchy).” I’m also becoming more rebellious about my clothing… I enjoy buying stuff specifically to look crazy, with only me knowing it’s intentional.

    I think the American version of Mutton is Cougar – though a cougar also preys on younger men.

    • Yeah the old mutton doesn’t go looking for men, I think we just call those girls cougars as well as we don’t really have anything sleek and fast here in Australia that sounds sexy to call them. Probably the fastest thing we have would be an emu and I can’t imagine many woman wanting to be called one. Maybe I could start it.

  13. I’m with you on this one – I buy what I like. The stores around here have the most hideous, off the shoulder neon orange sequined junk. I don’t know what they’re thinking. I’ve had the best luck in “sporty” places like EMS or places that carry North Face. It’s simple and looks nice (and lasts a long time).

    • Lol, you’re probably a season ahead of us so the orange sequinned junk hasn’t arrived yet – can’t wait for that one. Haven’t heard of North Face.

    • I am the least athletic person ever, but the sports-related clothes are always more comfortable and better-made. I’ve bought men’s clothes and shoes often b/c they’re sturdier and don’t come in such hideous colors. And they’re often cheaper.

      Blue jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are most of my wardrobe.

      • The shops here that sell sports clothes are way over priced and I don’t like wearing anything with sporty words or numbers or brand names on which they all seem to have. It’s like you see these really overweight people wearing a t shirt that says – Athletic and I think, really?

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