Holiday reads

Working my way through the pile of books near my bed. What happens is that I place books on hold at the library (you can place 30 on hold at a time) and I keep the list full because sometimes you can wait months for a book to arrive but every now and then you get 20 turn up at once. So that’s what just happened.

I am pilgrim I really wanted to like and mostly did but it was pretty hard work. I’ll read what he writes next though but he’ll only get one more chance.


Pilgrim – Amazon info

Burial rites I loved. Always nice to read a good book by an Australian author, hard to believe the author is so young (28) and that it’s her first novel. Set in Iceland she creates this atmosphere that you can just about feel surrounding you, the isolation and coldness, brrr. It’s based on the story of the last person (woman) executed in Iceland so obviously not a happy ending. I’ll definitely be reading anything else she writes – there was an Australian Story episode about this author not long ago as well.

burial rites

Burial Rites Amazon blurby stuff

I do love myself a bit of young adult dystopia and The Pure series is sitting at the top of my favourites list at the moment. I hear movie rights have been bought for the first book and if they get some good special effects and make up people in for it, it should be pretty damn good to look at at the very least. It’s pretty dark as well, lots of death, violence, disfigured and scarred people, betrayal, mad scientists but also love, family, hope, it’s got the full bag. I’m looking forward to the third book, wish I hadn’t started this series until they’d all been released actually.


Pure Amazon info

Fuse Amazon info



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