Beautiful at the beach last night – bring on spring.

The bridesmaids weren’t wearing long red dresses, they had blankets wrapped around themselves as it was a touch chilly by evening.



2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. The bridesmaids look like they’re wearing Indian saris with those red blankets wrapped around them. Yes, I suppose if you’re seeing outdoor weddings on the beach, it must be spring, or it’s just around the corner. Spring in San Francisco can be very raw however, so I used to see these poor brides in their off-the-shoulder or sleeveless dresses shivering while the minister read the vows. I saw one look so wretched, I imagine she was thinking, “Hurry up, priest, I’m freezing dammit!”

    • Yes I thought they looked like they were in saris as well. I think just about every bride here wants wedding photos taken on the beach so the bridesmaids would have known to be prepared for the chill factor. It was quite nice really, we were just wearing t shirts but I imagine after standing about there for an hour or so it would get cool.

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