Casting votes

I’m off to vote this morning because I’ll be out of the state next weekend. I can’t say I’m excited about it as I haven’t been impressed by either of the major parties leaders or policies over the past few months. If I could I would voice my objection by not voting at all but I don’t take my right to vote lightly, not when others in the world are fighting or dying to have that right. When we were in China we met a girl who told us that she votes whenever the opportunity arises and she laughed and said she knew it was silly because they were only given one person to vote for but she wanted to use that right to vote that she had.

I do however give my new car the thumbs up – it arrived on Wednesday and it’s very, very nice. It has a keyless lock/unlock and start-up system and it’s weird just walking up to and away from your car without having any keys in your hand. Yesterday there was a bee sitting on my door, it must have thought it was a big beautiful yellow flower.

Those black stripes will definitely make it go faster.



9 thoughts on “Casting votes

  1. What a smart-looking little car! I imagine driving it around town will be fun. I noticed it’s a two-door. Is that your way of telling your kids, “No riders?” I had friends who sold their family minivan and replaced it with a two-seat sports car. They said it was to underscore the message to their kids that they weren’t going to stay home and babysit the grandkids every weekend, lol.

    • Lol, no it’s a four door – you just can’t see the rear handle very well. The car I just sold was a two door and I never want one of them again Mainly because I’m the smallest in the family so I always ended up in the back when we went anywhere together and my back is well past that!

  2. I had a moment of panic when I read the title and first six words of this post, I thought I had to vote too! Then I woke up properly and realised I don’t have to vote until next weekend! I agree with you, I don’t like either of the major parties. Part of me gets annoyed with the whole compulsory voting thing, even though I know we’re lucky to actually get a say.
    I love your car!

    • Well you could vote today and just get it out of the way. This pre polling place always has people out the front with leaflets asking – are you voting today? My son keeps saying, no, I’m voting on voting day but I said he should just do it and give his reason for early voting as being that the bastards out the front keep hassling me to.

      Car is very cool!

      • I’m sick so I have more of a reason not to vote today than I will have next week (hopefully). I wish I had organised a postal vote, I probably could have got a letter from my psychiatrist or something. Ah well, it will all be over soon and then there will be no more annoying leaflets in the mail or smarmy candidates in shopping centres.

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