Parking around where I live sucks – finding it first and then the amount you have to pay for it. Council is always banging on about us supporting and reviving the town centre which has gradually died over the past few years, mainly due to the development of two large malls in the suburbs. But why would you pay $8.00 for 2 hours parking in town when you can get 3 hours free at the mall.


And believe me they employ some pretty nasty parking officers as well. Most people I know have a story about a smart arse parking officer booking them even though they see the car owner running back to the car only a couple of minutes over the time limit.


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  1. I thoroughly sympathize. The city council here is always fretting about how to attract more people into the downtown area, but then they provide only a couple of dozen parking spots where you can leave your car for over an hour. Everywhere else, the meters are good for only one hour of parking. If your permit expires before you can run back and buy a new one, the parking sharks are right on your car. Because of this, I got a $42.50 fine earlier this month because I forgot about the time. Who the hell can get anything done downtown in just an hour? You have to stand in line for everything, or run three blocks to wherever you want to go. (There is never any parking near the main shops and destinations, unless you want to use one of the garages that charge $6 an hour.)

    So we never go downtown, unless there’s some sort of once-in-a-lifetime event or the only place you can get a particular item is there. Even then, I double-check to see what the parking is like before I take off. Nothing like driving around and around the block, looking for a parking spot when the play or movie you’re going to see is starting in 15 minutes.

    • Another thing I forgot to mention is the lack of disabled car parks in town. If Mum wants to go somewhere in particular I have to go check out the area first to see if we can actually get in there or else I have to do an illegal park to drop her off then go find a park and like you said that hour passes by very quickly. I’m lucky living on a main bus route straight into town so if we go out we usually bus it but you have to make sure there’s one coming home when you want before you go because you can never get a taxi. Every time I go into town it makes me realise how much I’d like to live in the country and not have to bother with it all.

  2. My little Alex puts his tongue out at the parking officers. I didn’t even teach him…directly anyway. I think it started when he was having a phase of doing this and he happened to do it to a parking officer and I busted out laughing because it was so appropriate at the time. I live in the Inner West of Sydney and I can still find free parking anywhere I need it (luckily). I am only about a block off of 2 hour parking. It has been creeping down our way since we moved here. We are close to bus and ferry transport so people come here to park and take public transport.

    Parking meters make me angry in general!

    • Lol, well some of them are nasty buggers, they think they’re little police.

      When my daughter was working in town she was paying $9 a day for parking which is just ridiculous and it was in this really dodgy carpark that I didn’t like her roaming about in after dark but it was her only option as she’d had enough of the buses.

      Parking meters stir up a lot of anger in many people I think. There’s never enough of them for one thing so you have to walk miles to find one and then if they don’t work you have to write a note and leave it on the dash and the ones here won’t take 20 cent pieces either – not $4 worth anyway – spits them out and wants a goldie.

    • Lol, you just made me think – I used to live in a very small country town with a population of 237 and we had one shop which was also the post office and our connection to the phone line; there was always parking available there.

      • We want got lost at night on the way to Collarenebri and stopped at a country post office to phone for directions. We rang the operator to request the party line number and next thing the light went on in the post office as the operator lived there! Mr FD apologised for getting them out of bed and he came out and gave us directions! Country service!

        • Lol, not sure if our operators would have been as friendly. When we moved there in 1980 it was like moving back into the bloody dark ages, I was 16 and couldn’t believe it. We had to turn the dial up at the house and they’d answer at the shop and connect us to the number we wanted – they were only open for an hour on Sundays, closed at lunch time on Saturdays and finished up at about 9pm week nights. We were given very clear instructions that it had to be an emergencey to call outside of hours. I always felt like she was listening in as well – they were a weird mob, Mum, Dad and strange son – very Bates Motel!

  3. Oh god the Philadelphia Parking Authority is so corrupt, a couple weeks ago one of our painters almost punched out the parking meter guy over a bullshit $76 fine–our painters had been working at the same unoccupied frat house at UPenn with other contractors for weeks and the other parking meter attendants were okay with it and the guy gave them a ticket when they were a few yards away. THEN 2 days later the estimator got another bullshit ticket because he’d parked elsewhere in the city and left his kiosk receipt in the window when he parked in a temporary contractor loading zone–legally–but the guy only paid attention to the expired ticket in the window and once they make the ticket your only option is to fight it in court or contest it via letter which is only going to cause you further grief and high blood pressure when you get the letter of rejection 2 days after you mailed the thing in, and the day AFTER that you get a letter saying they have received your complaint and will investigate it and it could take X number of days.

    • Lol – a rant!! I felt your blood pressure rising from here. Trouble with parking inspectors is that they always seem so bloody gleeful about booking you. Someone I know was booked for stopping (quickly) in a bus zone to let their disabled, elderly mother out to get into a nearby doctors surgery that had no parking.

      Parking is a big problem for contractors working here – lots of construction work going on in town but no spots allocated for them so they have to run back every two hours and move their cars, it’s rubbish.

      • yeah…I had typed at the beginning “I don’t have time to get into it now” which I obviously did so I erased. lol! I kept it as concise as I could. I didn’t mention that that same week some idiot stole our contractor placard right out of the truck when our guys were not far. But it’s only good for that car with that license plate number so whoever stole it couldn’t really use it anyway so it cost us another $100–and I have to renew it soon anyway, for another $100. They probably send PPA employees around to steal them to make more money.

  4. The only times I’ve paid for parking in my entire life (that I can remember) were at Mount Rushmore (and I got pissed off when I found out there was free parking closer … but the parking permit was just a few dollars and was good for a year – too bad I live 900 miles away huh?) and at the airport. The airport parking was worth it because it’s in an awful part of the city. I haven’t even seen a parking meter in years.

    Parking meters, by the way, were invented by a guy in Oklahoma City. You’re welcome!

    • Oh well thanks very much for that little invention then – our Council probably has a statue of him in their chambers that they bow down to every morning. One of the football teams from the NRL comp is from here and they get pretty big crowds when they have home games and I heard on the news last week that at the last game the council made $13,000 in two hours from parking fines.

    • Easier said than done where I’m talking about. It’s where our Doctor, our Accountant, our bank and the library is and it’s where my daughter often has to work.

  5. I think everyone everywhere hates parking meters. This is why people live in the country or the suburbs, you can go somewhere and do something without worry about parking. Particularly older folk who don’t want to have to drive around forever and then walk 3 blocks in a hurry and hope they can get back in time to feed the meter again.

    • That’s why it’s good to go shopping with Mum with her disabled sticker! Although having said that there are very few disabled spots in the city centre and also this town is old, built by convicts and all that so there are lots of bumpy footpaths and steep hills about.

      The suburbs here are pretty ordinary – not much to do there, you have to go in to access major services or the good places to eat.

      • Luckily I live in a suburb that was and still is actually an entirely independent town so we have all services on the flat bits with almost enough parking. Almost. At least it’s free and there are disabled spots, so we could cart your Mum around with no trouble and at our leisure. But being farther from the ocean than you, we are the flatter bits anyway.

        That said, there’s not much parking at the good places to eat — must be a rule!

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