The spring sneeze

And so another day begins with an antihistamine and some panadol. Spring hasn’t officially begun and most allergy sufferers I know have already had a solid three weeks of blocked noses and sinus’ and watery eyes. My husband is the worst, he’s started freaking out when he sees a wattle tree, even if we’re driving past it with the windows wound up. He’s suffered from allergies (mainly dust and pollens) for his entire life but it’s all new for me, it’s only something I seem to have developed over the past couple of years and I can’t say I’m happy about it. The trouble with the antihistamines is that they clear up my nose but they also suck every bit of moisture out of my  body and I don’t want to talk about my skin but ok I will – remember that ad for moisturiser and they had the leaf that was all dried up but then it plumped back to beauty with a bit of moisture? Well  I look and feel like that dried up leaf but no amount of moisturizer is bringing my skin back to life. I’m like crocodile woman – too much longer and you’ll be able to make handbags out of me.

I guess I first became aware of an allergy problem with the hair bleaching thing last year; where I started developing a swollen itchy head a couple of times after trips to the hairdresser. I did go back after the first time and it was ok but then the next it was really bad so I haven’t been back for a while and I’m just sort of letting it go while I grow out of this allergy thing (haha). Let me just say that there ain’t no pretty way to grow out bleached hair – the next 12 months are going to get crazy but I figure the best way to do it is just own it – pretend that’s exactly the way I mean for it to be. It’s going to be the hombre look taken to the extreme and without a lot of blending.

I’m pretty sure I’m even developing an allergy to the dog – not that I’d get rid of her or anything! At least the pills work for me – nothing works for Daz, he’s tried every new thing they come up with, he’s even had surgery to clear the passages but nothing helps, he just seems to be used to it. He’s one of those men that still uses hankies – I’ve only ever met one other, I was at a party and this guy whipped out his hankie. Not that they’re much use – he’ll get through about a dozen hankies a day, what he needs is a 12 pack of bandanas a day.

See – spell check doesn’t even know what a hanky is! Lol, it wants me to use huskies – no my husband doesn’t get through a dozen huskies a day, he doesn’t whip out his huskie at parties thank you.


11 thoughts on “The spring sneeze

  1. Hanky. Gee, you’re right. Hankie is what it wants. That’s wrong. Gah, well, we all know what you mean.

    My husband gave up on them years ago and now is keeping the Kleenex people solvent all by himself. We have at least one box in every room and a bunch of those travel packs in the cars and carry-on luggage.

    I don’t think there really is such a thing as allergy season — everyone I know seems to have them year-round, just from different things. I daresay the pollution and global warming are making it worse for us all.

    At least they have non-drowsy antihistamines now, so people don’t have to walk around in a stupor. I pretty much had no idea what spring was all about as a kid, I was either indoors or doped to the gills.

    Has Daz tried the weekly injections? (I’ve probably asked this before) It’s quite the pain, literally, but it helped me finally discover spring as a young’un, and the benefits lasted.

    Once your immune system’s taken a dislike to things, you’re stuck, sadly.

    Nobody expects you to be average, so wear your pseudo-ombre with pride. I was going to suggest a humidifier for the house, then I remembered you live almost at the beach, so you’re stuck with being like that ad I suppose. They must have dubbed that into every language in the world.

    Ombre. Spell check doesn’t like that either, but at least it didn’t suggest “hombre”. You may look like a crocodile, but I don’t think you’re getting a sex change.

    • He tried the injections but they didn’t work either – he needs a bubble. He’s bad all year round but this time of year here with all the wattle and jasmine etc really sets him off.

      • For me as a kid it was cottonwood trees, and you can SEE those sonsabitches floating towards you! You think Daz is paranoid, at least he can’t see them on the attack.

  2. My doctor said something about how, as the body ages, it becomes more sensitive to allergens like mold and pollen. For the first time in my life, I have swollen sinuses and sneezes in the early part of the spring. I may have to move someplace like the desert so I don’t have to deal with deciduous trees or grasses.

    Allergy to the dog is bad news! I guess you’ll have to wear a mask around Chicken! 😀

    • For a little dog she sheds a lot of hair! We take a part of her everywhere we go, in fact there would be some of her hair floating about the USA now.

  3. My brother grew up in California and never had a problem with allergies.When he moved to Oklahoma, he stated getting them every year, like clockwork.

    Southern California doesn’t seem to have that problem as much,but when we have Santa Anas, or a brush’s no fun.

    • I was thinking yesterday where we’d need to move to. I live in a coastal town but we’re surrounded by coal mines and trains which kind of cancels out any benefits I guess and my husband travels into the thick of the mines to work every day so I guess he’ll just have to suck it up until he retires.

  4. i would kind of like to watch your hubby blow his nose on a husky… new & different!!
    hope your allergies pass rapidly. one of my new coworkers has been stuffed up for more than a month now.

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