The waiting game

Look what I bought yesterday.


Pretty sweet little Suzuki Swift Sport.

This is the demo – mine is coming on a boat from Japan. My car, my lounge and my kitchen table are currently seeing more of the world than I have.

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a new car and I decided I was going to get exactly what I wanted because that has rarely happened over the years.

When I bought my very first car my father came with me and talked me into buying the more reliable sensible choice rather than the sportier more reckless one that I wanted. When I moved to Sydney I bought a pink Volkswagen beetle that I loved (you can park those things anywhere) but I had to sell it after my third baby was born as it’s impossible to fit a capsule, two toddler seats and a pram into one. Then I went through the years of big family cars that my husband picked so they were big, manual, V8’s with fat mag wheels and included a very nice black jag and a cool monaro that was a similar yellow to my swift. I was able to get another vw beetle when the kids were tweens which I loved but then  we had to move onto a totally daggy enormous Toyota Avalon when the kids were teenagers as they became so tall and gangly that it was the only thing they’d fit in; but it was such a reliable car I can’t fault it.

When I had my third child the oldest was only four so once the oldest hit 16 we had some solid years of L plates and driving lessons happening so we sold the Avalon and bought the Getz because it was small and they could drive it and park it and it had great visibility (the windows are huge!) and it has been a fantastic little car; I recommend them to anyone who wants a little reliable car that can zip about the town or city and park or turn anywhere and really does run on the smell of an oily rag.

Mind you it’s a tight squeeze fitting five adults in one – possible though. Sometimes if we’re all going somewhere we’ll travel together although I always have to sit in the back as I’m the smallest member of the family, Kimba and Lloyd usually fight it out for the front seat. The extra weight is a serious drag on the power though.


They all have their own cars now though so I can finally get something that just suits me – I don’t have to consider the leg length of mutant children or make sure the boot is big enough to fit in a double pram or five suitcases or if It’s able to have a bike rack put on the back.

Three weeks wait and it should be here and I’m already planning a little road trip.

24 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. A friend of mine, a 74-year-old woman, bought a red Scion xB with a stereo system that booms while she rolls down the street. It doesn’t matter if she’s playing classical music, it sounds like hiphop with that loud, buzzing bass. I told her it was her midlife crisis car, and she joked about living to be 150. I hope you enjoy your bright yellow sportscar!

    • Lol, it’s a long way from being a sports car! But they do use them for rally cars and that’s more my style – bit rougher and tougher. It does have six speakers though – I said to Daz, that seems like a lot considering I never even have the radio on. I like quiet when I’m driving.

    • I’m jealous! I loved my beetles, don’t see many of the old ones around here anymore and the new ones are way out of my price range – like the mini’s.

    • It’s pretty cute. I liked the black but it was all black and the red was more pinkish, I just thought the yellow looked nice with the black trim – safe on the roads as well, everyone will see me coming.

    • It is – very cute too. I’ve always liked the swifts, my sister in law had one a few years back and I always thought it looked nice driving along the highway. Picked it up yesterday, taking it for a run up the highway later today.

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