Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

What bores you?

Well lately, the daily prompt for one thing. The old think tank is running a bit low there. Bring back VOX Qotd I say.

True Blood this season has been a bit of a yawn as well I reckon. I didn’t enjoy last season either so I had high hopes for this season – but alas. I’m not really interested in the whole fairy story line and I don’t like how the characters aren’t together – everyone’s off doing their own thing. That’s what I didn’t like about last season (the plot of which I can’t even remember now). Why did Pam have to become such a whiner – I used to have such a crush on Pam but now they’ve turned her into a pussy, sigh – it’s just not the same. They’re looking a bit old now as well aren’t they which isn’t really going to work for much longer seeing as how vampires don’t age. I keep watching it but it has boring moments.

Winter bores me. I’m so over winter – please send a long hot summer my way soon.

Work is boring in winter. We run an airconditioning business so nothing much happens in winter. Work like bastards through summer mind you.

But honestly I don’t really get bored – I’ve always got something going on. Funny word – bored, how can you really be bored? If you’re bored you just read a book or play with the dog or go for a walk or listen to the radio or make bagels or something. I think the only time I really felt that I may have been suffering true boredom was when I had to do work placement for the library information course I did. That went for four weeks and I can tell you right now that prior to that I didn’t believe it was possible for 8 hours in a day to pass so slowly. The last day I had to go I just couldn’t do it, there was no way I could sit in that building again; so I made up a minor illness for my son that involved a short hospital stay that required me being there so I didn’t have to go. I know it’s tempting fate to do that sort of thing but I was desperate.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

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  2. Winter is a dreary season. I can’t understand why some people (my late husband, for instance) get so excited at the first snowfall or the first hard frost. All I can think of is three, sometimes four months of colorless sky and nights wrapped around a heating pad with most of my body encased in flannel or polyester fleece. Plus there are only so many days you can spend shut up indoors.

    Speaking of which, I must run outside and get some Vitamin D before it’s time to fix dinner for my grumpy father.

    • Today was beautiful here – t-shirt weather, hopefully it is here to stay and my nose has been running in a spring allergy way and not a winter cold way. I have to run down to the chemist tomorrow and get my D!

    • I people watch. I don’t like waiting amongst sick people though – that makes me nervous. I’m never usually at the doctor because I’m sick so I’m always a bit anxious that I’ll catch something while I’m waiting.

  3. I learned when I was very little that if I was ever stupid enough to say I was bored … my mother would find something for me to do. Usually something I hated doing. To this day I don’t use that word, and I really don’t get bored – I find something (ANYTHING) to do.

    • I believe we all had the same mother. There must have been an international manual that went around.

      The worst time I was truly, truly bored was when I had an injury that made it so I had to lie down flat on my back all day and night and couldn’t even read. There’s very little entertainment to be found on a ceiling. After about a decade of boredom (probably about half a day) the husband rigged up a couple of mirrors so I could watch TV and change channels with the remote.

      • Oh wow – yes that’d be terrible. I’m not good at sitting still for long times – it’s why I never go to the movies, the thought of sitting in a dark room for three hours does my head in.

        • I could see how effective torture can be. Even though I was on some very nice painkillers, I was still aware enough to be bored. Just lying there with nothing to do. I was quite happy to have the contraption so I could see the TV, it was a godsend.

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