Meet the family

Chicken Little’s family that is.

Dirty Rat, Crazy Cow and American Pig (from left to right in case you couldn’t pick them).

I should point out that American Pig did in fact come from America (my daughter bought him in New York, it’s not just a general sort of opinion of ours) and is in fact possibly a sheep. But a sheep from New York seems strange and American sheep just doesn’t have the same ring to it anyway. And yes I do realise that Crazy Cow is not a cow.


She loves her little buddies and likes to roll all over them and release her pheromones on them and I have to say that for a very small dog she has very mighty pheromones. So, every now and then I round them up while she’s not watching and put them through the machine but of course as soon as they come back in they get an extra good rubbing. I need that washing detergent man on the adverts to knock on my door and ask me for the dirtiest thing in my washing basket.


8 thoughts on “Meet the family

  1. At least they don’t get chewed to rags like some dog toys. My brother’s dog has a sheep that gets shaken, ripped, and gnawed on. The really sad part is that it has this noise maker inside that cries “BAAAA!” when it’s pushed in the right spot. I have to leave the room sometimes, its cries are so pathetic.

    • Lol, the Baaa, these ones just have squeakers although they’re almost dead now but sometimes I look at Crazy Cow when he’s getting a good squeaking and his face just looks so funny – he has this sort of surprised look. Chicken loves her toys, she takes good care of them, keeps them all together, puts them near the heater, gives them little cleaning sessions.

  2. They look so sweet! And….washable. They look like those organic cotton toys, kind of. By the way, how do you get that cool “dry” photography style? Is it some kind of washout?

    • Well I don’t know if they’re really washable but I wash them. I’m not sure what they are but they last well although she’s not too rough on them. I just used the iphone to take the photo with the hipstamatic app then I sharpened it in Snapseed.

    • I just said to my husband – it’s not a pig and he goes – but the pink ones a pig and I said no, it’s not a pig, crazy cow is a pig.

    • Chicken likes a stick every now and then. Theres a palm tree in the back yard that drops branches and pods and whatever and she loves getting them and having a tussle with them. She’s not a stick fetcher though.

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