loving the gas

Chicken Little can never be too close to the heater. She’s my little canary in the mine shaft; if she drops dead it’ll possibly be due to carbon monoxide poisoning and it’s time for the rest of us to leave the house. I have an alarm in the hallway as well as we’ve never had a gas heater before and I was so worried about us all dying in our sleep after reading so many stories where it happened that I’ve hardly been game to use the damn heater – even though it’s lovely and warm. Her little ID tag gets so smokin’ hot you can’t touch it and I was thinking one day it’ll probably brand her. I do put the bed further away but the little bugger pushes it closer – she refuses to put her bum on the ground though – it always has to be in contact with comfort.


In other news I see WordPress is all fucked up again.


14 thoughts on “loving the gas

    • Little Princess – we often wonder how she survived a year in the dog rescue home seeing as how she’s so demanding of special treatment these days.

  1. We’ve always used natural gas for heat (cooking & hot water too) and have never had any troubles. When we used space heaters like the one in the photo we had cats jumping up on them all summer. They only did it ONCE in the winter, however, lol.

    • We have hot water and if I ever put in a new oven I’ll probably get the gas connected to it. We have natural gas as well and I read that they put something in it so you can smell if you have a leak – a sort of sulphur smell I think so I’m constantly sniffing about imagining I can smell it which is why I got the alarm in the end. They also say to keep a window open which always seems a bit silly to me – having a heater you can only use if you have a window open! That heater we have doesn’t get hot on the outside which is good. Once we lived somewhere and there was a radiant style one and I thought our cats would end up baked internally they used to sit so close and get so hot.

      • When we moved into this house, the old folks living here had the OLD style unvented heaters that you HAD TO have a window cracked in order to not suffocate yourself. We replaced them with heaters that did not require venting (in 2000 or so).

        It wasn’t until a few months ago – when we had all the windows replaced – that we found out there were still 2 windows not completely closed. I choose not to think about all the $$$ that went out those spaces.

        Our central heat unit that IS vented makes me feel much safer.

    • I’ll be interested to compare the bills at the end of winter – although it hasn’t been that cold this winter I don’t think. I do like the instant warmth of gas though -I don’t really like airconditioned heat, I always find it stuffy rather than warming.

      • We used to have gas until our last house and noticed a big difference when we moved to electricity only especially the year the reverse cycle aircon was out of action and we had to rely on those oil filled column heaters. They are the absolute worst.

  2. Gas heating and hot water are the only way we could afford what we do. I can’t imagine our bills if we had electric.

    Newer gas stuff doesn’t leak so bad, so you shouldn’t need a window open. But everyone should have a detector anyway.

    And don’t worry about the smell — if you only think you smell it then it’s fine. You’ll have no doubt if you really smell it! Gargh!

    Our friends have gas wall heaters and their cats tend to get crinkled whiskers in the winter from sitting too close. That’s all the damage they’ve had in 10 years, so Chicken is safe.

    • When I was a kid we had a pot bellied stove and one cat would sleep right up next to it but all of a sudden he’d wake up crazy from the heat and run outside like a maniac and flop in the dirt.

      • Ha ha! Like people who go from a sauna into the snow.

        Anyway, the crinkled whiskers still worked fine and eventually grew out, so no harm done except for amusing us.

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