there’s a tradesman in my toilet

My daughter freaks out when a tradesman uses our toilet – she feels soiled by the event. Luckily we have two toilets – boys and girls – so I can usually steer them in the right direction but every now and then one slips through the wrong door way.

It always makes me laugh when they ask me – do you have a toilet I can use? As if we might just dig a hole in the backyard whenever we feel the need. I guess some people don’t let them use their toilets.

They’d come to fix a bit of flooring for me in the kitchen where I’d ripped out an ugly fake fireplace that was on a built up bit. I’ve ordered a new table to go in the spot because it has to made especially narrow as we don’t have a lot of room and most tables come at a standard width of 900 where we need 700 at the most. Anyway we have this ugly old square table that we’re using until the new one comes so I thought I’d buy a table cloth to cover it and I’m just wondering about this one on ebay that says it’s 185 x 90 cm square. Hmmmm.

14 thoughts on “there’s a tradesman in my toilet

  1. I hate tradespeople using my bathroom but it doesn’t stop there, I hate pretty much anyone using my bathroom. I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal but it feels so invasive. I don’t have guests over often!

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