Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

I’m not even in this photo but it always makes me feel nostalgic; in fact I wasn’t even born.

These are my siblings running under the sprinkler in our garden – thats Emjay with her arms up, jumping with joy.


We had a damn and bore water so no worries about water wastage. Dad set it all up so Mum could have this massive beautiful garden oasis in the middle of the dry red land we lived in.

I love this photo, it sums up my whole – Embrace simplicity – philosophy. But I mostly love it because they’re my sibs, my originals. As most of you know, my father died last year and just recently a good friend of mine lost her brother to cancer and we were talking about it and how it’s really sad when one of your parents or your siblings die because they’re the ones who have known you for your whole life. Sure you go off and have a life and marry and have your own kids but they don’t really know you, not like your originals do.

It’s the same sort of thing with friends – I tell my kids that they should try to stay friends with at least one of their childhood friends because it’s really good to know someone who knew you before you became a worker, a wife, a mother, a carer and whatever else you become.

Of course we all weren’t super happy fabulous 100% of the time but we were just – us.


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

    • Lol, I think I know what you mean about the dog. I had a dog for a few years before I met my husband and although she lived until the age of 15 and had about ten years with my kids growing up, she and I had a history of – before them.

  1. I wish it hadn’t become offensive to have kids running about in the yard naked ! I mean, just look at them – so dang cute with their cute butts. Feel like scooping them up and kissing them.

    • lol, well we were a long way from anywhere so no chance of offending anyone but you probably can’t even take photos of your naked kids playing anymore without being reported. I saw a case in the US where that happened after a couple had photos developed of their kids playing in the bath.

    • It was great growing up on a farm – so much to do and explore, I was always bored when I stayed at my friends houses who lived in town, they seemed to me to have nothing to do.

  2. This picture reminds me of the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album. There’s actually a girl on the back cover with her hands raised up just like Emjay’s. No sprinkler, though.

  3. Love the thought of your mum with her pretty green garden in the bush 🙂

    I sometimes wonder how farm kids grow up these days. Some of my old school mates stayed in the country, and from their facebook posts it looks like their kids are doing all the fun things we used to do, like playing in dams and creeks and herds of cattle. I hope it’s something that never changes.

    • It was amazing really, the garden, took it for granted when I was a kid but when I think back now I can see what a massive labour of love it was.

      I don’t think I know any farm kids any more – not like where I used to live anyway.

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