the bathroom

So here are some pictures of the bathroom that is mostly finished except for the back of the door which I think about painting every time I’m in there looking at it but then forget all about as soon as I open the door and walk out.

I could have spent about $25,000 and had them design me something flash and posh but I decided to spend less than half that and save my money for better things – like holidays – and just go for clean and functional. Not having to step into an old bath to shower was top of my list along with replacing the old floor tiles that were lifting and a tripping hazard.

Hand basin corner.





Shower area



and toilet




20 thoughts on “the bathroom

    • I would have gone a bit crazier on the tiles because I love colour but I was trying to keep in mind that when I sell the place not everyone likes colour so I used the blue instead so they can cover that up. I can’t believe how many beige tiles were at the shop!

    • I hate renovations and try to do as much as possible myself so I don’t have to deal with tradesmen, I can’t stand having them around.

  1. Looks sharp!! I was confused at the 2 colors but I’m guessing the blue is the after and the pale color is before? Oh oh oh…now I see it’s befores and afters–duh…I wasn’t seeing it at first (it’s late here) and the before bathroom looked pretty nice to me, but yeah it’s definitely much fresher now. Nice!! (I must say I’m a little jealous…)

    • Well, I think it must only look pretty nice to you because you didn’t get to see it or ecperience it in person. It did have a cool sort of retro look about it but I was willing to trade that for clean!

  2. The turquoise ceiling looks great! Normally, colored ceilings tend to darken a room, but this one really opens up the bathroom and makes it look larger. I don’t how on earth you were able to take a shower in the original setup. Your new one not only looks tons better, but like you really could relax while washing up in it.

    • It’s because the ceiling is ridiculously high that it doesn’t seem too dark. It’s impossible to warm the room up in winter, there is a heater light but it’s so far away from you there’s no chance of any warming rays making contact. For a while I considered putting in a lower false ceiling and using in between for extra storage but it all just seemed too much of an effort in the end. The new shower is huge – I can move about in it and I don’t have to battle the damp shower curtain every morning which is lovely.

  3. Looks great! We are planning to remodel our ensuite later this year – very 1980s peach and a shower over a tiny bath and the sliding glass door is broken. We are going white and simple too – classic is always best in a bathroom.

    • I thought so if I was thinking of re-sale – although the more I do to this place the more I grow fond of it. We have a second small bathroom that really needs doing as well but I just can’t stand the thought of another two or three weeks with tradesmen hanging around. They’re great door slammers tradesmen.

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