Winter in America is cold

but not so much in Australia where I live.

I haven’t travelled far, in fact I haven’t even travelled to the other side of Australia. I’m contemplating it but the other side of Australia is closer to Singapore than it is to me which has so far made it cheaper for me to go to places like Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Point is, I don’t really know what goes on out there in the big wide world but this past week, when I’ve been out on my morning walks, I’ve thought to myself – how amazing is it to live in a place that can have skies this clear and blue in winter.




15 thoughts on “Winter in America is cold

    • I’d love to go all over the place here in Australia but the cost of travelling within Australia makes it a bit of a luxury. I’m trying to fit in a week away in July and looked into Broome and/or Perth but even the airfares to Broome are almost $1000 each. I’m really having to think hard about it as there’s also the opportunity to go to Vietnam later in the year where I can have two weeks away for less than the cost a week in Broome. I’ve loved the parts of Asia I’ve seen – lovely people, fantastic food – spectacular sights, I just wish Australia compared price wise as I’d travel here if it was more competitive.

    • They’re amazing aren’t they – they perch up on those street lights as if they’re light as a feather. Speaking of which – they look so soft and downy.

  1. LOVE pelicans – LOVE these photos. Many times when Boyfriend is on his surfboard, waiting for a wave, a battalion of pelicans will cruise by, just feet away from him.

    The brown pelicans near us, sky-dive for their meals, and there’s nothing like it.

    • The other day I saw some dolphins cruise by the surfers which was nice. Whale season here now so I’m always on the lookout for them as well. Never seen a brown pelican though.

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