Passing ships

Where I live we export coal; biggest coal exporting harbour in the world, so it’s not unusual to be walking down the path and see something like this coming around the corner.



It’s not a huge harbour, with a good arm you could just about throw a rock from one side to the other so these huge coal ships always seem to be passing right by you. I know people ooh and aah over the sight of a huge cruise ship sailing into Sydney harbour but I’ve seen some pretty spectacular sights in our little harbour as well.

I have tug boat driver envy at the moment – I’m thinking it may have been something I should have pursued. They just look so happy and chipper those little boats, happy to be out there playing with the big boys.




They work 24/7 bringing ships in and out depending on the tides and there’s always a line of ships waiting out on the horizon. They take them out around the lighthouse and set them off.



And then the next one’s ready and waiting to be brought in.



Hard work for them that day because it was so windy – I almost got blown off the breakwall and I had to make a run for the car when I saw this heading my way, almost made it as well.



I hope this kite surfer didn’t get blown away.


I think Autumn has arrived.

13 thoughts on “Passing ships

    • It’s pretty interesting – always something happening there. We get cruise ships every now and then but they just mean too many damn people roaming about town.

  1. great pics!
    we always have a backup of cargo ships waiting to get into the harbor. i go though the ports of long beach & la (really, one continuous harbor) and want to take pics but the bridges are 2 lane and everyone is driving way above the speed limit so taking pics seems… unwise. One day I’ll go over to San Pedro and take pics during a walkabout… we have cargo ships, military ships and cruise ships. it’s actually pretty impressive.

      • anything and everything. most stuff is in cargo containers – so that’s all i usually see. there used to be tons & tons of new cars but now they store them somewhere else so I don’t see them.
        i didn’t think much about the port till a coworker brought back pics of the Panama Canal and it looked exactly like what i see all the time.

  2. I love to run along the breakwall/foreshore when a ship is heading out! Sometimes it feels like I’m racing them as they go pretty slow. Your photos capture it well, especially the first one – they really do feel like they are that close.

    On the plus side the cruise ships make for a nice backdrop for a beautiful sunset like yesterday šŸ™‚

    • I nearly got blown off there on that day I took the photos. I saw the cruise ship yesterday – it was pretty busy in there. There was the P & O, a cargo ship, the tugs, the Nova boat and a fishing boat one in front of the other – great weather as well.

  3. The sky and waves look approaching fierce, but I wish I was on that shore! (Los Angeles is heating up)

    I like the boats but what really took my eye is that lighthouse, placed at the end of a swirling path, on top of a green hill. Workmanlike and artistic.

    • It is lovely out there – that breakwall was built by convicts, massive effort. On the weekends heaps of people walk/run out there and back.

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