Happy birthday to… who?

Off to celebrate Mums 80th birthday party today – she’s pretty stoked to have made it for some reason.

Anyway I had organised a cake and went to pick it up this morning and they couldn’t find it and we told them our name and no, couldn’t see it and then she yelled back from the room

are you sure your name isn’t Bennett?

Ah well you know what, I’m pretty sure it isn’t love – wasn’t yesterday at least.


Is it for Judith?

That’s the one.

Mum in Garden


21 thoughts on “Happy birthday to… who?

  1. LOL! My poor children once tried to order a birthday cake for me, only they had asked the bakery to put my name on it, instead of “Mom.” The bakery not only misspelled my name, but misplaced the cake. To their credit, they sent someone over to deliver the cake when they found it, but since then my cakes always say “mom.”

    Happy Birthday to your mother! It’s been a rough year for her too, I can imagine, so I hope she finds cheer in being surrounding by her kids and grandkids.

    • Yeah, there were definitley some mixed feelings today – for me anyway. A shame Dad wasn’t there but that’s the way things roll and she had a good day with all her family and friends, lots of food and wine.

      Someone I knew ordered a birthday cake once and said to them – can you put flowers on the side and the bakery actually piped in icing the word flowers on the side of the cake!

    • She said she was relieved that she made it and could relax now – lol. Her mother lived into her 90’s so hopefully she inherited those genes.

    • Well we were just about to if it meant getting a cake – probably would have opened the box and found a ninja turtle cake or something

    • Living in the future can have its disadvantages.

      She said she remembers thinking how old she was getting at her 60th birthday party and here we are 20 years down the track.

  2. I saw this photo come up and immediately thought “Jane and Emjay’s Mum!” Very striking.

    Love her pose and clothes here. Glad she and everyone had a good day.

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