Happy mothers day

To my Mum, who had her hands full I’d say for a few years.

I’m the baby – see I wasn’t found on the beach in Sydney. Luckily my brother looks as if he’s taking the job of holding me seriously. Thats the thing about being a fourth child – parents become very reckless with you.



6 thoughts on “Happy mothers day

  1. Your mom is a cutie. You can see her looks in each child’s face, even the sleeping baby’s.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too. I hope your children honor you with at least a phone call or card. My son will be working that day, serving other people’s mothers brunch at a restaurant, so I’ll be lucky if he’s awake long enough to give me a call. 🙂

    • She doesn’t look bad considering she’s just arrived home from having her fourth baby does she.

      I had breakfast on the beach then the afternoon reading then dinner out. I’ve still got indigestion actually.

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