Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

Funny you should ask because I recently met my mother at a local art gallery for lunch and we had a bit of a laugh as we wandered about looking at the displays.

I don’t understand a lot of art, I need my art to be straight forward like the Archibald, I don’t understand things like a pile of bananas in the middle of the room. Which is why I didn’t really understand this one exhibit that we saw. Sorry for the poor quality but I didn’t know if I was allowed to take photos but it was so silly I had to. Just three little sets of underwear on the wall and I stood in front of it and pondered it for a while and it was cute and I’d probably hang it on my wall for its cuteness but I haven’t a clue what it means.


I saw this funny thing on tv once about those people who walk around art galleries spouting knowledge and opinion about what the artists are saying and whether these experts knew bugger all about what they were talking about. So they got this elephant to paint a picture, he held the brush with his trunk and slapped some paint about and then they hung it in a gallery and filmed people standing in front of it discussing what it meant and represented and honestly there was only one person who stood there and laughed and said it was rubbish.

Mind you it was excellent for an elephant though.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

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  2. The elephant story reminds me of an article I read about this world class violinist who, as an experiment, played in a busy subway at rush hour. Most people walked by without noticing him, except a few people.

    • Well I have to say in their defence that I probably wouldn’t know the difference between a world class violinist and an ordinary one.

  3. Conceptual art like the stuff you were looking at (women’s foundation garments as statement?) seldom looks “pretty.” I took some photos at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis of this conceptual art show, and none of them were worth keeping. Nails in 2 by 4s, pieces of rope hanging from the ceiling, sacks with paint spilled all over them lying in a heap—it doesn’t look anything like art, at least in a snapshot. I’ve talked about that with artists, and they’d pointed out that’s why the art is “conceptual:” you have to bring your own ideas to it, otherwise there’s not much to what you’re looking at.

    That said, I think paintings by an elephant would be rather fun.

    • Doesn’t seem to show much talent on the part of the artist then. I went to the Archibald portrait exhibit last year and those artists are amazing – the detail they can put into a face – every hair and freckle – that is talent.

      We saw elephants painting in Thailand – they seemed to be enjoying it.

  4. Reminds me of the paper art exhibit at The Hammer Museum. I saw ripped paper that kids could do. But the descriptions and detail and artists statements were all blah-blah-blah, this is so important. I didn’t get it.

    • Lol – I know, it’s rubbish! I often meet people at this art gallery as they have a really nice cafe and it seems to be about half way between me and anyone I want to see and it’s always the same – we always end up walking around getting the giggles over things. Last time I was there there was a painting that was a white A4 size piece of paper that had one black line painted across the bottom. We thought it was hilarious as it was locked in a glass cabinet – as if anyone would want to take it! could just make my own at home.

  5. I guess the problem is sometimes one needs to know the back story of the artist and his intentions before we can even begin to understand what it means…. unfortunately for the artist we don’t really care… nor do we care enough contemplate it… unless it was three sets of underwear on the wall! 😛

    • Maybe – maybe her mother wouldn’t let her have a first trainer bra when she wanted one. I could pin three things to a wall myself but it wouldn’t make me an artist, it just means I can use a hammer and nail. I like to be in awe of artistic talent.

  6. You know beyond the ridiculousness of hanging underwear on the wall, I am surprised feminists don’t take umbrage to this…do you ever see people hanging a man’s brief on the wall ?

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