24 years later

Today is my wedding anniversary – 24 years ago we were married.

Our daughter was one year old when we were married and thinking about her being almost 25 is more amazing than thinking about how I’ve put up with my husband for even longer.

Here we are at the wedding – she’s a bit tired and way too full as she travelled from table to table being fed little tidbits by everyone there.


Here we are 24 years later, I went blonde and she went red.


Here I am with Daz, who I didn’t realise had been so chubby faced at the time.


This was a couple of years later when I was going through what I call my Celine Dion phase, remember when she had hair like that? I don’t know what Daz calls that hair stage he was going through, except interesting. When I showed him a photo of himself looking like that he said – how awesome was my hair!


Definitely looking older these days but we seem to have pulled the hair issues together.


What are you meant to get for 24 years anyway?

34 thoughts on “24 years later

  1. How gorgeous! The drop waisted wedding dress was very 80s too, wasn’t it? My 21st birthday dress was a bit like that. Congratulations on your almost silver anniversary! Planning something special for next year?

    • Lol – silver wedding anniverary sounds so old!! I hadn’t thought about it, it’s my 50th next year and I was thinking about that instead – was thinking about going to Hawaii but maybe I’ll change it to anniversary.

      My friend made my dress – I showed her one I liked in a book and she made it for me – just threw the material on the floor and started cutting, I remember saying to her – don’t you need a pattern?? and she was like – nah, it’ll be right. She was my bridesmaid and made hers as well.

  2. Happy anniversary! Here’s to 24 more, and then some! We’d call Daz’s 80s hair a mullet, or hockey hair (popular among the late 80s/90s ice hockey players, especially the Czech player Jaromir Jagr who started it all, really.)

  3. Happy Anniversary! You and Daz don’t look old at all. I am glad the 80s are over, though. I had a Jheri curl perm for a couple of years, and when I see myself in old photos I think good lord, Michael and Janet Jackson, electric slide and why did I wear Reeboks with white ankle socks? But you rock in those sunglasses and denim vest.

    • Lol, I had a perm for a while from about 1979 until 1981, looking back at photos I have no idea why I kept at it for so long.

      I loved that vest – kept it and wore it for bloody years.

  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures! Your little girl’s beautiful!! Next month I will celebrate 35 years of marriage which really is impossible because I’m only 36! laughing Happpy Anniversary!!

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