Weekly photo challenge: Up

I always have plenty of things to look at when I take a walk along the beach be it up, down, over or out to sea. I could never classify it as a power walk or any kind of calorie burning workout because I usually just dawdle along checking things out and stopping all the time to take photos and look around.

It’s a good place for hang gliders with plenty of high cliffs to jump off and parks and beaches to land on not to mention the view they have from up there.  It’s nice watching them loop about and float around – this guy was coming in to land.



3 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Up

  1. Very cool. I remember a National Geographic magazine cover with a hang glider dude on it, with an air force face mask helmet, and O2 tank like a scuba tank on his back, and a silver sleeping bag looking thing up to his neck. He could go as high as the 747s and catch the jet stream.

    • I saw a show about those crazy dudes as well but this one was about a woman who was swept up too high and became unconcious and did survive but she almost froze to death.

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