Back in the USSR

I found him.

The other Where am I’s seem to have been way too easy so this one should test you. Mind you I do hope someone knows a thing or two about Russian naval history and can tell me something about this banner.

This would have been taken in 1957 and I’m thinking St Petersburg but could be wrong, I’m only thinking that because there are a few photos from there although I think they might have gone to Moscow as well. I was trying to figure out what it said on his cap but then I realised it was just a really long Russian word I couldn’t translate anyway – couldn’t zoom in on it, it just goes blurry. I don’t know if he has scrambled eggs or not.

It seems pretty adventurous for a group of Australians to be travelling there at that time.



Hang about – what do we reckon about this? (ridiculously long link);_ylt=A2oKiaFIfHBRLQsA_NIN5gt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?




20 thoughts on “Back in the USSR

  1. It looks like the Naval Museum in St. Petersburg. I almost wanted to say it was the Hermitage because of the yellow color and the white pillars, but I don’t think the palace is anywhere near a street with a traffic signal.

    Yes, it would have been very hard to get into the Soviet Union back then. The Soviet government was letting a few tourists in for “educational purposes,” but virtually no Americans were allowed to visit at the time. Did your father take this picture? I’m surprised he was permitted to photograph anything of an official nature.

    • Hmm, the naval museum looks as if it’s just there on its own – no signals around it either. I have some of the winter palace and I don’t know – maybe it could be there although it always looks greener to me – will investigate that further.

      I said to Mum that I was surprised Papa was allowed to take photos and she said he just made friends with everyone including all the guards and they just let him.

  2. It really has to be St. Petersburg. Or whatever name they called it back then. But I don’t think it’s the Hermitage either.

    That’s an average non-officer sailor boy in the photo, so he has no scrambled eggs.

      • Maybe they had a banner of some sort, extolling Soviet greatness, up every day. Or maybe it was a special day for the navy, some sort of anniversary. I wonder if there was a banner on the other half of the building.

        They say Google Image search matches things the best. Maybe you could try to find the banner image somewhere, although with the number of Heroic Soviet Art that was produced, it would be tough.

        His hat probably has the name of his ship on it. It looks pretty modern for that time, with the jets, so maybe they’d just launched a glorious new navy aircraft or something.

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