Friday the What the?

I don’t even understand what it means when I look at my search engine terms and see someone arrived by searching for

Friday the 13th – doggy style. lol – WTF people.

but I don’t think they found what they were looking for.

I thought it was funny the other day when I was trying to find some information about one of Papas photos that he took in Russia of this banner on a building and I was googling info about Russian naval caps because the guy on the banner was wearing one and you know you get suggestions from Google after a word or two about what you might be looking for and so I’d written

Russian naval caps with – and I was going to write with gold stars

but the suggestion that came up was

with scrambled eggs

Really google? – Russian naval caps with scrambled eggs

I’m just trying to work out what that actually means.

Anyway I can’t find it now damn it because I obviously renamed it something ridiculous but hopefully it will show up again today and someone out there is an expert on Russian naval history and it’s association with eggs.

So for now can someone can tell me who lived here or what it is and why a bunch of Australians would be taken there on a tour in 1965 to look at it.



26 thoughts on “Friday the What the?

  1. I got the same suggestion from Google. I followed it and found that “scrambled eggs” is a slang term for some leafy decorations that sometimes appear on military hats.

      • It was a lucky guess! … I started Googling really famous Americans from the 1800s along with the word “house” and Lincoln came to mind pretty quickly. Your dad really traveled deep, didn’t he? Because I imagine Springfield isn’t an international tourist destination (but am probably wrong).

        • I had a quick try with famous USA tour houses sixties but they were all looking like celebrities or murder houses.

          My Grandfather (not Dad) and Nan got around by Greyhound mostly I think – they covered some ground. I’m going to have to google map Springfield, it must have been between places they were going if this is all thats there to look at.

          • Are there tours of murder houses? I think I probably don’t want to know the answer to that … That was back in the glory days of Greyhound!

          • Apparently – I didn’t go further into it. I’m too easily distracted when searching for clues as it is.

          • Springfield is the capital of Illinois, so I imagine all the Greyhounds that went through the middle stopped there, and once you’re there, why not see Lincoln’s house between buses or during lunch?

          • I’ve just discovered that they went to the – oh what was it – something nuclear station in Illinois as well. I keep losing photos- Dresden, that was it.

          • All I’ve ever seen in Illinois is Chicago and the Fermilab atom smasher, both of which I quite liked. The best steaks I’ve ever had were in Chicago, at many different places over the years. Ditto the pizza.

  2. My mother always says scrambled eggs when referring to the goldish stuff on military hats. Grandpa and Dad were in the Navy and they did, too. Old historic slang, but I knew what you meant as soon as you said it. Strange.

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